Diary: 1st May 2017 – New Shoes & A Chilled Out Bank Holiday Monday


We really would have liked to have done something exciting with the Bank Holiday today. Yet at the same time we were quite happy doing very little.

Energy levels are slowly being restored in the Heathcock household and whilst we’re not up to full speed yet, there’s enough in the tank to get the household chores ticked off. Elliott is much better and seemed to have an explosion of energy this afternoon. He was running around like a child possessed, chatting to himself and just generally being crazy.

I say we have more energy, I did have to have a mini siesta after breakfast this morning. Oh, and breakfast, let me tell you about breakfast. I didn’t fancy the usual cereal and as I’m planning on cutting down sugar soon I’m trying to introduce more savoury food into my diet, so I decided to use up some leftovers and created myself poached egg on crumpet with a side of fried mushrooms and fried cherry tomatoes. Mr H was very jealous – especially given that the egg was poached to perfection – unfortunately (for him) there was only one egg left so…

When I woke from my morning nap Mr H and Elliott had created a beautiful new flooring for the lounge made up of all of Elliott’s jigsaw puzzles. It was a mess, but a beautiful mess at the same time.

We honestly didn’t know what to do with ourselves this morning. Do we go to the garden centre? But we don’t really need anything and we would end up spending money for the sake of it, which we can’t afford. We could have visited a National Trust property but we didn’t really have the energy for a big day out. The weather was worse than expected too – raining lots and dull and grey. We decided to stay in for the morning with a view to popping out in the afternoon.

Elliott did amazingly well drinking some milk out of an open cup at snack time. He even decided to dip his fruit toast in it which was super-cute and he didn’t spill a drop!

I had a lovely long shower this morning and sang along (badly) to Beyonce’s Lemonade album. I got dressed into my jogging bottoms and slobby T-shirt and entered the lounge to find Elliott asking for his dummy and looking decidedly tired. Elliott went down for his nap and me and Mr H were the most productive we’ve been for a while. Bins were emptied, items were sorted in the kitchen, things were put in bags in preparation for the working week.

Elliott had a super-long sleep and Mr H had to wake him at around 2pm! We had quiche and a huge salad for lunch which Elliott was less than impressed with, preferring to attempt to stab the Mini Cheddars with a fork! I used up some more leftovers for pudding, recreating yesterday’s pudding with Peaches instead of Mango.

After lunch we decided where we would go for our super-exciting Bank Holiday day out. To buy some bread. Yes, people, that’s how rock and roll we are (or should that be rock and loaf..?). But just to spice things up a bit we headed, not to our local supermarket, but to a superstore version of Sainsbury’s in a neighbouring town. I’m glad we did to be honest, I’ve been looking for some pumps for the warmer weather for a while, as I keep over-heating in my hi-tops, and I managed to find two pairs! Woo hoo! Negotiating Sainsbury’s with a hyperactive toddler who suddenly had energy after feeling ill for the past two weeks is interesting! He wanted to be in the trolley, out the trolley. Given half the chance he would have run off up one of the aisles on his own.

On our return some more chores were completed – Elliott helped, kind of. Then dinner was eaten. Elliott ate his rice as if it were the world’s finest chocolate. I have never seen someone enjoy rice so much. Still wouldn’t touch his chicken in sauce though, so that will be pureed next time it’s served up!

Then more chores and playtime.

Not the most exciting way to spend a Bank Holiday but at least having a low-key day today means we will have the money and the energy for a more action-packed day another time.

How did you spend your Bank Holiday?

White Striped Sole Ballerina Shoes, £8, Tu Clothing at Sainsburys

Navy Low Lace Canvas Shoes, £8, Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s

N. B. These pumps do come up very small, so I had to get a size smaller in both of them. Either that, or I’m shrinking?!


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