Diary: Toddler Mood Swings – 30th April 2017


After an unsettled night, where Elliott came in to sleep with us again (fortunately he wasn’t such a wiggle-bottom this time), he woke up in a good mood this morning. He ate a proper chunk-load for breakfast (I managed to sneak some peaches into his porridge again too – woo hoo!).

After that this morning kinda went downhill. Elliott was in a defiant toddler ‘I don’t want to do what you want me to do’ mood and things got even worse when I tried to get the snot out of his nose with the snot sucker. Fortunately after I explained that I understood that he didn’t like it, but it was to help him and gave him lots of cuddles he seemed to forgive me.

We headed into town this morning and although we all felt better our energy levels are still super-low. We trudged up the hill into town and plodded around the shops. We didn’t get anything exciting, just some stuff from Wilko and Home Bargains. Plus a trip to Tesco to return a pair of unflattering trousers – which they had also left the security tag on a-bloody-gain – fourth time, FOURTH TIME!

Elliott had a little nap just as we were completing our shopping and as we didn’t want to wake him we decided to go for a sneaky drink whilst he snoozed. Of course, as we en-route to our cafe of choice he woke up so we headed home instead.

Unpacking the shopping was interesting. Elliott would go from terribly helpful to terror tot and back in a matter of seconds. Tantruming because I wouldn’t let him have my sunnies, next moment unpacking the shopping and passing all the items to me to put away. This behaviour became the theme for pre-lunch. Elliott was not happy when I wouldn’t let him play with his Lego just as lunch was being served up. I’m trying really hard to reason with him at the moment, so I explained that we had to have lunch but we could play with it straight away afterwards. I have no idea whether this tack is going to work and I’m not saying it’s ‘the right way’ to do it. For me, it’s just nicer than shouting!

I trialled a new dessert from Elliott’s weaning cookbook after lunch. Mango and Passionfruit pudding. It was delicious and Elliott lapped it up – hurrah – more fruit for the carb loading toddler. I am just going to have to start hiding fruit and veg in meals, maybe by pureeing it. I would much rather not do that, but I think it’s the only way to avoid scurvy at the moment as he turns his nose up at anything green, orange, red… Beige seems to be his favourite colour, but not chips and chicken nuggets brown either… le sigh.

I stayed true to my word and we played Lego after lunch. It’s so much fun playing with Elliott now, as his imagination is kicking in, so we had a space rocket taking off and a giraffe and a dog clip-clopping along. We played drumming. We ate make believe food. It was lovely, knackering, but lovely.

Afternoon snack was the afternoon snack of afternoon snacks – Easter Egg chocolate. Elliott had been given a Milkybar one so we broke some of that up for him to eat. Mr H had a milk chocolate egg which was obviously brown, whilst Elliott’s chocolate was white. Elliott was very confused. He honestly didn’t believe what we had given him was chocolate. He eyed it suspiciously, played with it and pointed to Mr H’s egg and said ‘chocolate..?’. Fortunately I had a white chocolate egg too which made things a little easier and Elliott was soon tucking in.


During the afternoon Mr H napped on the sofa whilst Elliott and I played. I could tell he was tired but he wouldn’t go to sleep. At 5pm I woke Mr H so I could start dinner, I would have left him to snooze but Elliott had his Xylophone sticks out and I was worried Mr H might find one inserted somewhere if he stayed asleep. Elliott then decided he would fall asleep in a most undignified way. He woke up to be popped into his highchair, then fell asleep again, then woke up again and had a little bit of TEA(!).

His favourite book before bed at the moment is Incey Wincey Spider, so we read that to him a couple of times and then popped him to bed. No bath tonight, he was just too tired. Let’s hope for a better night’s sleep for him (and us) tonight.


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