Diary – 29th April 2017 – On the Road to Recovery


Going to sleep last night was difficult. My mind was whirring with a million ideas and thoughts and would just not switch off. It was nice, to some degree, nice to have enough energy for my brain to think about anything but ‘Ouch! My throat hurts!‘. In the end I had a really strange dream about a hotel was staying in which had windows that protruded like bubbles.

Anyway, when the alarms (mobile and toddler) went off almost in synch this morning I did not want to move, but I knew I had to. One, because I knew Elliott was ready to get up (and leaving an impatient toddler in their cot for too long is a recipe for a meltdown) and two, because we had to be up and out so that Mr H could make his hair appointment. Mr H has hair that defies gravity. It grows out, rather than down, so he ends up with a bushy afro (if it’s possible to have straight-haired version of an afro?) if he doesn’t get his hair cut regularly.

Whilst Mr H had his hair done, Elliott and I headed to the local shopping centre to pick up some photos I’d ordered from Boots. I was planning to wander around the stores for a while, but I was knackered and just not feeling it, so we managed Boots – twice because I’m forgetful – and Marks & Spencer (where I stocked up on some more Pixi Glow Tonic).

Mr H came to pick us up, sans afro, and we went to Grandad’s house (Mr H’s Dad’s) for a catch-up. He hadn’t seen Elliott since January, simply because life passes by so quickly. Elliott was shy at first but soon warmed up and was sprinting around the house and taking a particular interest in Grandad’s book collection. Elliott took a mini nap on Daddy’s nap before lunch whilst we took full advantage of Grandad’s Nespresso machine. I never fancy coffee when I’m ill so the fact that I managed two was a sign I was getting better.

A quick trip to Asda to stock up on stuff we couldn’t get on the Ocado shop, or stuff that’s too expensive (HOW MUCH are Waitrose baby wipes???). Home for some TV and hand-holding, then tea, which we enjoyed for the first time this week, another sign that we’re recovering.

An early tea meant more play time, yay!

And now we’re trying to catch up on some of the stuff we let slip when we were ill – whilst not doing too much. Oh and right now we’re watching Car Share too.

How was your Saturday?

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