Diary – 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th April 2017

Quite a few days to catch up because… I’ve been ill. In fact we all have. It’s been a pretty miserable week with not much news, so instead of me moaning about being ill again, I thought I’d try to write the past few days from Elliott’s perspective…

Tuesday 25th April

I’m sure I normally go to nursery on a Tuesday, but Daddy didn’t take me this morning, which was strange. Mummy still got dressed up and went to the place she calls ‘work’. I’m not sure where that is but she always seems pleased to see me afterwards. Daddy watched something called Snooker today. Again, I’m not sure what it was but it looked like lots of fun. The balls were like the balls in my ball pit and I enjoyed clapping along with the crowd. I wasn’t really very hungry today and Daddy didn’t seem himself either. He didn’t want to play as much as usual. In the afternoon he took me to the doctors, apparently Mummy had been consulting something called ‘Dr. Google’ and was worried about my rash. The doctor checked my ears and in my mouth and stroked his hands over my arms where my rash was but he decided it was just a virus and just told Daddy to give me Calpol. I have felt a bit poorly recently. I wish it would go away. I still want to play but then I run out of energy and have to go to Mummy and Daddy for a cuddle. Sometimes, after TEA(!) I don’t have the energy to play and Mummy and Daddy let me watch In The Night Garden.

When Mummy came back from work she put her pyjamas on and gave me cuddles on the sofa. She didn’t have dinner with us and when I went for my bath she fell asleep on the sofa. When I came back into the room for my bottle I had to sit in the IKEA chair!

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Daddy got me up and ready today. This is something that Mummy normally does but she was nowhere to be seen. Once I was ready, Daddy took me to say goodbye to Mummy. She was still in bed!

Then I went to the doctors again, but this time for Daddy. He has something called tonsillitis and has to take some tablets for it. I guess that’s why he was so tired yesterday.

I went to nursery today and had lots of fun with my friends but I was still a bit tired so didn’t join in as much as I would normally do.

When I got back Mummy was still in bed. I went in to say hello to her and give her a cuddle, but she wasn’t usual fun Mummy. Her face looked all puffy and she was very tired for someone who had been in bed all day. Daddy looked after me and I just saw Mummy again to say goodnight to.

Thursday 27th April 2017

Nursery again today. Again Daddy got me ready, so I assume Mummy is still tired. I went to say bye to her before I left this morning. Daddy told her to go to the doctors. That will mean all of us will have been to the doctors this week! Nursery was fun, but again I was a bit tired so didn’t join in as much as I usually would. In the afternoon one of the ladies who looks after me had to give me some Calpol because apparently I was really hot. I was stripped down to my nappy and everything!

Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up tonight. Apparently Mummy had been to the doctors and she had tonsillitis too, so she also has some tablets to take. Watching Mummy and Daddy take their tablets is funny because they pull silly faces as they try to swallow them and I don’t think they even realise it. Apparently Mummy’s tablets smell like MilkyBar but they don’t taste like it. I don’t think they taste very nice judging by the faces she pulls after taking them.

I couldn’t sleep very well tonight, so Mummy and Daddy came in to see me a couple of times. One time I did a big trump and then I was OK again. The second time I really couldn’t settle and Mummy and Daddy couldn’t figure out why. They gave me cuddles. Then I started pointing to something in the corner and saying something that Mummy and Daddy couldn’t understand. I wandered over to the corner but couldn’t find what I was pointing at so I looked at my walker and then went back to Mummy and Daddy. They gave me some Calpol and Mummy laid out her fluffy dressing gown for me to lay on. I lay next to her and it was really comfortable. I went to grab my monkey and my penguin from my cot. I gave my penguin to Mummy and I cuddled my monkey. Daddy already had his eyes closed. I settled down for a while. But then Mummy started wriggling and trying to grab a blanket which woke me up an I got upset. Then she picked me up and took me to Mummy and Daddy’s bed. I was a little upset to begin with but actually it was really comfortable and I soon drifted off. I wriggled around the bed a few times and ended up on top of the duvet at the bottom of the bed. Mummy and Daddy said I was like a cat.

Friday 28th April 2017

Yay! Mummy doesn’t work today which means I get to play with her. Maybe she might take me to Rattle and Rhyme at the library? But Mummy didn’t seem to want to play very much today. She was tired again and we both stayed in our pyjamas all day. I made her laugh at breakfast time and enjoyed singing along to a song on the radio that sounded like ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ but Mummy said it was called ‘Barbara-Ann’. We watched a film this morning, it had a stripey horse in it and also a lion. I enjoyed dancing to the songs and Mummy took a little video to send to Daddy to cheer him up at work. Apparently the film was called Madagascar. I went down for an early nap and I think Mummy might have had a nap at the same time.

When I woke up we had lunch together and then I helped Mummy to tidy up by putting my bath toys back in the basket in the bathroom, putting Daddy’s books on the shelf and putting my clean clothes from the washing machine away. Mummy looked tired so I took her by the hand and led her to the sofa so she could sit down. Then I asked her to pass me my stacking cups so I could make her a cup of tea. I went to get enough blue balls from my ball pit to fit in the stacking cups and then gave them all to mummy and we ate and drank them together.

We watched some YouTube videos whilst I had my afternoon snack. I like the videos Mummy watches as they are of families so I get to see what the older children are up to. Being a bigger kid seems like so much fun. There are little babies on some the videos too.

When Daddy got home Mummy went to wash up and I got a bit sad that I couldn’t be with her any more. But she said to spend some time with Daddy which was fun. Then Mummy and Daddy took it in turns to cook TEA(!) and read me stories. I really like my crocodile book at the moment. TEA(!) was nice – spaghetti and sauce and cheese. I ate a bit too much at one stage and nearly choked. Daddy patted me on the back and Mummy gave me cuddles afterwards because I was scared. They said I should take small bites but that it was OK because I was still learning. They gave me a biscuit for pudding and I fed some to Daddy, I tried to feed some to Mummy but she said she was full, which was strange because she barely ate any TEA(!). I had fed her a lot of my snacks during the day though. I like sharing my snacks with Mummy.

Daddy bathed me and put me to bed, but I grabbed Mummy’s hand (she was busy putting away washing) and asked her to read the Gruffalo with me before bed. Daddy had already read it to me, but I like the different ways they read it and the different sounds they make. Daddy put me to bed, but I didn’t have my usual sleeping bag because mummy thinks I’ve outgrown it. I am getting quite tall. I heard her tell Daddy that I will need a bed soon!

Mummy says she’s too tired to add any links or photos to this post at the moment. She’s feeling better and I can tell because she was tickling me earlier but the tablets she is taking are making her queasy. I want her to go to bed so she has enough energy to play with me tomorrow.


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