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Elliott’s 18 Month Update – Part 6: Personality


I freakin’ love Elliott’s personality and quite often tell him to never, ever change!


Sure, there’s the tantrums. Mostly when I pick him up in the kitchen and deposit him back in the lounge when I’m cooking; or when he wants to climb the next flight of stairs in the apartment block; or sometimes just because he is over tired. Those times aren’t fun, but they’re short lived, soon forgotten and just Elliott learning how to handle things – they’re not indications of his personality.


First up, Elliot is super-caring. He almost has this sixth sense. Ever since he was a tiny baby he’s looked concerned if he heard another baby crying. When one of his baby friends returned to Baby Sensory following an absence of a few weeks Elliott crawled over to him as if to say ‘how are you doing mate, you alright?’. There’s a young baby in his room at nursery and he will often try to entertain the baby with toys if she’s upset, or wave to her to try to cheer her up. Once at soft play he spent ages pointing out various funny pictures to a small baby. My ovaries are literally ready to explode as I type this!

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I’ve been rather ill recently and Elliott has been super kind to me. One morning when I had no energy and Hubby had to head out, Elliott crawled up and took an early nap on me as if to say ‘I know you’re not very well mummy and you don’t have very much energy. I’ll help you out and have my nap now so you don’t wear yourself out.‘. He will regularly dole out hugs and kisses and if he’s not kissing you directly he’s likely to be blowing you a kiss.


Which bring us onto the next thing. He’s a little charmer. He really is. We’ve always said this and I’m sure most babies are, but he knows how to act so cute and charming to really win people over, even really grumpy people!


I’m also convinced he’s Zoolander. Point a camera in his face and he will quite happily pose away. Tonight I wanted to capture a photo of him with a small jute tote bag on his head (see above). By the time I had grabbed my phone he had taken the bag off, but seeing me about to take a photo he popped the bag back on, turned, pouted so I could get my shot and then took the bag off again! Poser, indeed!


He’s confident, but reluctant at first. Elliott’s confidence has come on so much since starting nursery, but his initial instinct is to hold back at first. Once he’s comfortable with a person, environment or situation he’s well away but if he’s not sure he will hang around mummy and daddy until he’s sized the place up.

What else? He’s as cheeky as they come and he knows he is. He’s also very determined and independently minded. Very helpful, which is great as he will now help me put away his clothing or hang the washing. He’s also as bright as a button and doesn’t miss a thing.

I can’t wait to see what he grows up to be like. I just know he’s going to make us very, very proud.

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