Diary: Mum’s Night Out – 24th April 2017

I don’t really feel like I’ve spent any time with Elliott today. 

I have. 

I’ve spent the entire day with him, but he’s been so poorly that he’s really not been his usual fun-loving self.

This morning when I tried to give him his milk he lay face down on the carpet. I honestly thought he was going to go to sleep. After some coaxing he managed some of his bottle.

He was fairly bright for breakfast, choosing his beloved Krispies (pronounced by him as Kisspees) and toast. Afterwards he was tired but cheery as he watched some CBeebies whilst I collected errant Kisspees. 

We were almost ready to go out to post my latest eBay sales when he hit ‘the wall’. When Elliott grabs your hand and puts it on his face, that’s when you know he’s tired. I’ve tried to push past it before and it never ends well. We aborted our mission and popped Elliott down for a nap. He fought it at first before succumbing to his tiredness and having a super-long sleep. 

On the one hand this was great. I got so many jobs ticked off my list and even made a lamb tagine for Elliott & Mr H’s tea. On the other hand where was my boisterous, fun-loving, demanding little boy? I missed him and was worried about him. 

When he woke I noticed little raised dots all over the tops of his arms. Glass test done and anything overly sinister ruled out, I moved onto the B-list of infections… could this be the pox? I will be so pleased when Elliott actually has it so I can rule it out for future infections. 

Elliott barely touched his lunch. In the end I managed to get him to eat an Organix Gingerbread Man by taking it in turns to eat the biscuits arms, legs and head. Elliott did seem brighter though, so we headed out…

Shit! We’d forgotten to put the buggy back in my car. Driving into town it was then. Fortunately Elliott was an absolute star and walked all the way from Tesco to the Post Office. He even resisted the lure of the strategically placed ‘pester power’ toys as we waited and he queued brilliantly. 

I popped him in a trolley around Tesco. He loves a good ride in a trolley. Easily pleased. He did brilliantly around Tesco considering he obviously didn’t feel good. He managed his snack, eventually. But then the hand grabbing started again so we made a quick exit. 

It was nearing ‘danger nap’ territory but I was conscious that Elliott was ill and tired and probably wouldn’t make it to dinner time if he didn’t nap soon, so I took a detour of about four miles so he could take an in car nap. I also thought sleeping propped up in the car seat might help his stuffy nose. 

He woke up bang on cue as we arrived home and had a mad five minutes of playing before snuggling back on my lap. 

Mr H is all lurged up too, so I made sure everything was prepped before I headed out on a mummy night out with a very long-standing friend. We might not see each other as often as we used to but she’s one of those people who always makes you smile. We ate, I had wine, we probably had more coffee than we should have at that time of night and we caught up on everything from old acquaintances, through Scientology and Easter bunnys. After a day spent wiping a snotty nose it was just what I needed. 


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