Diary: Teething Toddler – 22nd April 2017


Today was never going to be the most exciting of days. My car was booked in for a service first thing (I drive a Hyunadai i30 in case you’re curious) so we dropped it off at the garage and headed to Sainsbury’s to grab breakfast. I adore Sainsbury’s meat free breakfast, even though I do eat meat. Elliott scoffed down a bowl of Rice Krispies and looked confused every time there was a tannoy announcement (just where is that voice coming from?), whilst Mr H enjoyed a traditional Full English (or Flinglish as we like to call it). Also, how nice are Sainsbury’s cappuccinos?

Anyway, enough of the Sainsbury’s love (this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just a fan girl!). Post-breakfast we had a nosey around the store. I wanted to pick up some birthday gifts and have a look at the clothing as I had spied a nice skirt in there on Tuesday before work. Mr H wanted to see if they had any of the moisturiser he uses. We came out with just a bunch of bananas. Sainsbury’s Cafe 3, Sainsbury’s Grocery Offering 0.

After our supermarket sweep we were at a bit of a loss of what to do. We didn’t want to stray too far lest the garage call us and tell us the car was ready. The park would have been ideal but despite the sunshine it was blooming freezing. So we headed to Soft Play, the cheapy soft play near to us that’s a bit rough around the edges but is ideal for times like this where you wouldn’t get your moneys-worth from a more expensive establishment. It’s more fun now that Elliott can play on more things and he even tacked the slide on his own for the first time today – proud parenting moment (although a little disappointing too, as it means that the days of me using him as an excuse to go on swings and slides are numbered).

Just like yesterday he made friends with an older girl and also just like yesterday he was easy to extract from the soft play area with the promise of food. Unfortunately the actual eating of the food was a little distracted by the arrival of one of the characters from Paw Patrol heading into one of the party rooms with his ghetto blaster blarring. Hilarious and fun in equal measure! Thankfully the garage called before the Hokey Cokey kicked in!

Off we toddled to pick up the car and I was delighted to see they had cleaned it too, especially as it go covered in sand on the motorway a few weeks back. Woo hoo!

We headed home and noticed that Elliott was taking a turn for the grump. We tried him with lunch, he wasn’t interested – not even in a yoghurt (one of Elliott’s favourite foods). We popped him down for his nap and he was out like a light, but soon woke up and was irritated. Mr H went to keep him company whilst I zoomed around like a mad thing trying to get stuff done during his nap time. Eventually I headed in to see what was going on and discovered that Elliott had become decidedly sniffly. I rescued him from his cot and wondered if he would settle in a more elevated position on me. He wouldn’t and just kept pointing at his head, which I took to indicate he had a headache, poor thing. Calpol was administered and Elliott snuggled on Mr H whilst I hoovered, steam mopped and generally did the Domestic Goddess act.

We weren’t sure what was the matter for a while. But judging by the amount Elliott is dribbling it’s teething related. I’ve just been in to put some Snufflebabe on a cloth for him, so hopefully that helps but I’m not hopeful for a good nights sleep tonight. Oh heck!



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