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VLOGGED: IKEA Toddler Haul

If you’ve read my previous post about Elliott’s sleeping routine you probably already know that I’m a big fan of IKEA. Their baby and toddler products are just brilliant – so much fun, hard-wearing and super-affordable. There’s bibs, cutlery, pottys, bedding, toys, the all-important toy storage solutions and loads of stuff you never knew you wanted, but now you’ve seen it you just can’t live without it, and it’s so cheap, shall we just get it? Come on we’ve all had that conversation with our other halves in the IKEA market hall, haven’t we?

Here’s our most recent IKEA toddler haul:

What are your IKEA toddler essentials?

And, what are your tips for potty training?


KALAS cutlery set

KALAS mug set

SMASKA cutley set

LEN mattress protector

LILLA potty



KALLAX storage

DRONA storage boxes





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