Diary: Soft Play Fun – 21st April 2017


Today has been a lovely day, although sadly I have very few photos to show for it. Sometimes it’s nice to just live in the moment rather than trying to capture it all on camera I guess.

Elliott has been off most fruit – aside from bananas – for a while now. He will eat them at nursery (gotta love peer pressure when it’s positive) but not at home. This morning I used the hand blender to mulch up some tinned peaches and added them to his porridge. I was sure he would notice and spit the porridge out but thankfully he didn’t and he ate the whole blooming lot. Cue triumphant Mama fist pumps from me!

My mother came over after breakfast. I say after, Elliott was still slowly munching his way through some toast when she arrived. Has anyone else’s toddler started daudling over their breakfast recently? I’m sure Elliott will be asking for the morning paper to peruse whilst he eats his Rice Krispies soon, such is his leisurely approach to morning dining.

I had a few phone calls to make so I left Elliott with his Nanny playing cars and retreated to the bedroom.


Once we were all ready and Elliott had decided to put on his own shoes rather than wearing his Nan’s we headed to a local garden centre for a mooch and a bit of fun on their soft play.

The store itself was full of the usual garden centre fodder. I’m sure you must be able to buy a ‘start your own garden centre’ kit which comes with the same array of books, ornaments, Yankee candles and decorative kneeling pads.

I did my good deed for the day too. After waiting ages for the baby change a flustered mother emerged apologising. “I’m sorry,” she said “We had an ‘explosion’ and we had to do a full outfit change!”. “Don’t worry,” I countered “We’ve all been there.” Then I noticed that her pretty scarf which was supposed to be wrapped around her neck was dangling dangerously around her feet. A tripping hazard for a lady carrying a newborn is never a good idea, so I raced to her rescue and twirled the scarf back around her neck. As she walked off I heard her tell her older child “I had to wash her down in the sink”. Oh eck! Maybe we haven’t all been there…

Elliott made friends with an older girl in soft play and they followed each other around for a bit, playing in the ball pit and sliding down the slide together (with some encouragement from me and some shoving from me when Elliott got stuck half way down). It’s so lovely watching him playing so nicely with other children and having so much fun. Thankfully we didn’t have the usual screaming tantrum when I tried to extract him from soft play. I asked Elliott if he was hungry. He nodded and started to make his way out of the soft play area! There are some advantages to having a ‘foodie’ child.

Despite being tired Elliott sat really well for his lunch and shared half of my sandwich and even eating some ham which is unusual for him. He napped after lunch whilst mom and I mooched around the shop. ‘Oohing’ and ‘Ahhing’ over the lovely stuff before deciding it was over-priced.

Then we headed into our local town to run a few errands before heading home for snack and playtime. Elliott has been in such a lovely mood all day. It’s been bliss. After mom had gone home he climbed in his ball pit and we shook it to make the balls fly in all directions. It makes such a mess of the lounge, but it really makes Elliott belly chuckle so it’s so worth it.


Elliott unfortunately couldn’t keep his eyes open for tea tonight. Literally as I was dishing up he fell asleep on the sofa. So no bath for him tonight. Hopefully he doesn’t wake at 5pm starving for his breakfast!


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