Diary: A Break From the Norm – 20th April 2017

Another quiet news day I’m afraid.

Work saw me doing something different to my usual day-to-day job and, whilst I wouldn’t want to do what I did today all of the time, it was nice to do something out of the norm for a change, especially as it meant I got to move rather than being stuck behind a computer screen.

Elliott has been a darling again today. Apparently he has been playing with the dolls at nursery today, hugging them and patting them on the back to comfort them – be still my exploding ovaries! He’s also been in a really good mood post-nursery too, chuckling away to himself, playing with his digger book (and saying ‘tap, tap’ every time he sticks a digger down) and giving the characters on his flash cards a ‘drink’ from his juice cup. Such a cutie. He fell asleep holding my hand this evening and when I took my hand away (as I needed to get some chores done) his hand stayed in the same position. I felt so guilty, but mama needs clean clothes to wear.

I still feel a bit grotty and hormonal but not as bad as yesterday. I am joyfully on top of my to-do list at the moment so I’m hoping I might be able to squeeze in a bit of yoga ahead of an early night. But first we have the excitement of the Ocado delivery to look forward to. Ah, how the highlights of my life have changed…


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