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Elliott’s 18 Month Update – Part 5: Milestones

It’s a bit of a challenge trying to think of toddler milestones. When they’re a baby and you’re around them all the time you’re so on the look out for the big ones – the first time they roll over, when they first manage to sit up unaided (and you still surround them with cushions – just in case!), their first crawl… Toddler milestones seem a little more subtle and, well, what are they anyway?

Elliott started walking last September, so that one was ticked off the list a while ago. He can now power waddle with the best of them and sometimes attempts a run and even a jump.

One marked milestone is Elliott’s speech, it has come on so much in the last few months. He can now say: Daddy, Mummy, Nanny, Woof, Baa, Ssss (for a snake), make a clip clop sound for a horse and an oinking sound for a pig, shoes, breakfast, snack, tea (all the vital words for a foodie toddler). He can also put together simple sentences, so things like ‘Ready, steady, go!’ before he throws a balloon. The other day he was walking downstairs with me, turned to me, held his arms up to be picked up and went ‘Too tired’. There’s also the occasional ‘What’s that?’, ‘Where’s Daddy?’ ‘Can’t see it’ and ‘Sit down!’.


He can feed himself with ease with a fork and/or a spoon – again proving he’s a foodie like mummy and daddy.

He’s also trying really hard to dress and undress himself, but unfortunately keeps getting in a tangle!


He tries to brush his own teeth, although often just waggles the toothbrush around in his mouth, or simply sucks the toothpaste off.

He can do lots of actions to songs, including Miss Polly had a Dolly, The Wheels on the Bus, Wind the Bobbin up, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Wiggly Woo, Incy Wincy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, If You’re Happy and you Know it and Clap Your Hands.

He can recognise and point to pictures in books, so I if I say ‘where is the teddy’ he will look for, find and point to the teddy. He can also pre-empt things, so when I read the Gruffalo and get to the bit that says: ‘He has knobbly knees and turned out toes’, Elliott will then point to his nose in anticipation of the ‘And a poisonous wart on the end of his nose.’. He can also recognise when we’re about to go out and go to fetch his shoes. Likewise, when we get in he will help me unpack the shopping and also bring my slippers to me. I’m not sure if that’s a milestone, or if it just means he’s kind, helpful and well-trained.

So, there you go, I thought there were no milestones and then I found loads!



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