Diary: Tired Toddler Tired Parent

Good Lord I’m tired! I’ve come to the conclusion that you as a parent you can get sh*t done and be tired, or get nothing done and, er, be tired. Anyway…

My working day was kind of derailed by a last-minute urgent job. When I was briefed on the job this morning it sounded awfully boring, but actually it wasn’t so bad, it gave me a break from staring at PowerPoint for a little while at least.

Elliott has had a lovely day at nursery. Apparently he’s been really smiley and happy and him and all the other toddlers have been fascinated by the latest recruit to the room – a three month old baby. He was so cute when I went to collect him. Picking up a book to read to one of his friends, babbling away as he turned the pages and then turning the book round so me and his friend could see the page and shouting ‘FISH!’ and pointing at the corresponding image. I told Elliott to say ‘bye’ to his friend and he leant towards him, waved and said ‘bye’. I know that’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it just seemed so grown-up and adorable.

He was shattered when we got home and thankfully let me carry him upstairs, so no more head-butting the stairs incidents. He was even too tired (or maybe too toddler??) to eat much of his tea. Strangely he perked up when he was given some cheesecake, although he did seem to think it was chocolate, which it wasn’t (we use a recipe from our weaning cooking book which is basically smashed digestive biscuit, ricotta cheese and a bit of lemon curd). I didn’t have the heart to tell him differently. After dinner we snuggled up and watched In The Night Garden.

Elliott snuggled on me to have his bottle this evening too – so cute.

And since then it’s just been the mundane. Placing the online grocery shop, prepping for the morning, washing up and all that jazz. My hormones are all over the shop at the moment, which is fun. Auntie Flo has paid a visit. She rarely calls these days due to my chosen method of birth control, so when she does it’s often a bit of a roller coaster! I just want to eat ALL the chocolate and listen to every ballad Beyonce has ever sung. And on that note I’m off to grab a hot chocolate.


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