Diary: A General Election is Called – 18th April 2017

IMG_0124Well, election fever has well and truly struck it would seem. Not only did Theresa May announce her plans to hold a general election in June today, we also received our candidate information for those running for the position of West Midlands Mayor. I’m normally a political charged gal with a clear vision of who to vote for. This time? Well, I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m so rubbish at keeping up with the news, or my complete disillusionment in politics (Brexit and Trump can do that to a girl) but I have no idea! Let’s hope someone can convince me they’re worth a X on the ballot paper.

Other than election, election, election I don’t feel there’s a lot to report on today. It’s been a very staid kind of day – up and ready, shopping at Sainsbury’s, work, home, tea, chores and now writing this. Elliott did decide to have massive strop when we got back from nursery because I wouldn’t let him hide under the stairs. He thought he would demonstrate his frustration by head-butting the stairs. WHY? Why are toddlers so crazy? No harm done, but seriously…

I parted my hair on the opposite side today (I did warm you it was a slow news kind of day). I really wasn’t sure about it at first, I thought it made me look a bit, erm, manly and Mr H kindly commented that it made me look like a geek, but I thought it was worth a try to hide some of the post-partum hair loss. A post-baby comb over if you will.

I watched the last episode of Girls last night. When I say last I mean last EVER. It was good and strange in equal measure. After seasons of being a selfish 20-something, Hannah becomes a selfless mother, although fights it in the short-term – as we all kind of do if we’re being perfectly honest. It was a tough watch and compelling at the same time. It brought back so many memories of the frustrations of not being able to soothe a newborn and not feeling that you are enough for them. I’m not sure how Lena Dunham captured this so eloquently considering she doesn’t yet have children of her own. A few things that were amiss though…

  1. Hannah’s boobs – if she were breastfeeding they would be much more ‘melon-like’.
  2. The breastmilk – I don’t ever remember it looking like watered down cows milk.
  3. Β The lack of maternity pads – At one point Hannah moans to her mother that she is still bleeding and then just puts a pair of pants on with not even a Carefree pantyliner in sight. It would have been so much more realistic if she’d taped a duvet sized maternity pad into her briefs. Maybe even two – oh the glamour of post-partum.
  4. The lack of maternity clothing – If you’re still sore the last thing you’re wearing is jeans.
  5. The dummy – seriously how big was that thing?! It looks bigger than the ones Elliott has now and Grover was only supposed to be a few weeks old.

I’m sorry to pick faults, but seriously TV – if Lena Dunham can’t do realistic post-partum then who can?


Now, I’m off to eat this Easter nest cake that Elliott made (I think he knows mummy has a thing for Mini Eggs) and work some new content for the blog. Byee!


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