How I celebrated my birthday!

You may have seen my ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ video in a previous post. If you’re curious on how I spent my 37th birthday, take a look here…

As I don’t do a lot of talking in the video, I thought I’d give you a quick written summary too! Here goes…

My birthday was on a Friday, but I decided to book the Thursday off work too and make a really long weekend of it. Elliott was at nursery so I headed to our local shopping centre. I was originally planning on having a massage first thing, followed by some retail therapy. However, my therapist had called in poorly, so my appointment had to be moved until later in the day.

I breakfasted in Costa and caught up on blog stuff. It might seem strange to blog on a relaxing day, but I enjoy being creative so it kind of is my way of chilling out.

I then headed to Primark before meeting up with my mom and heading around the shops. I didn’t buy much at all. In fact, apart from some underwear and a book that I will review in a blog post very soon, I actually can’t remember what I purchased. Mom and I had lunch in Five Guys. This was my first Five Guys experience and I have to say it was yummy. Particularly the strawberry milkshake! It’s probably a good job I didn’t know about them when I was pregnant, otherwise I would have always been in there!

We then did more mooching before I headed off for my spa appointment. The spa at my local shopping centre is gorgeous. I arrived early and sat on the comfy sofas and read my new book. When I was taken through to my treatment room it had been carefully prepared with low-lighting; soft, calm and relaxing music; buddhas and flowers. There was even a little sign which read ‘This room has been prepared for Samantha’. I had a 60-minute Swedish Massage and it was bliss. I thought I would fall asleep, but actually I lay there thinking. Again, this might not sound the most relaxing, but it’s not very often I get to zone out and just let my brain meander.

On my birthday itself we headed to the park for breakfast as I adore their pancakes. We didn’t really have a set agenda for the rest of the day, but quickly made the decision to head to Apley Farm Shop. This was a great plan. Enough of a drive to give Elliott a bit of a nap, a gorgeous on-site farm shop, classy soft play, a small farm area, a gorgeous flower and gift shop and a fabulous and very child friendly restaurant where we had lunch.

Elliott napped again as we headed home ready to open presents. As my birthday falls on St. Patricks Day I decided to put on some Irish music when we arrived at home and me and Elliott quite happily spent about half-an-hour jigging around to it. Unfortunately Elliott’s signature dance move was to spin round-and-round in circles until he got dizzy and fell over.

Gift time – with Elliott helping me to open my presents (you can take a look at what I got for my birthday here) was soon followed by cake time. A delicious cake which combined my love of chocolate and my adoration of stars.

All in all a fabulous day 🙂


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