Diary: Trampolining With a Toddler – Part 2 – 17th April 2017


Inspired by all those cute Easter bunnies, we decided to do some bouncing of our own this morning and headed to the Toddler Time session at our local trampolining centre. You may recall Elliott and I went a while back, but Elliott really wasn’t feeling it? I hoped that as today was his second time at the centre and he had Daddy in tow too he would be bounding about like a sprightly spring lamb in no time.


Was he? Erm, no, not really. He mostly liked sitting in the tent thing whilst me and Mr H lightly bounced the trampoline beneath him. Of course about ten minutes before the end of the session (once we had forcibly evicted him from said tent) he found his trampolining mojo and was quite happy bouncing on the professional trampoline, as well as crawling around on the big squishy crash mat. To be fair, he did do a bit of bouncing earlier on too… before he retreated to his tent!


Having Mr H there was great for me. An extra pair of hands to buoy Elliott’s confidence and an extra pair of eyes to look out for Elliott whilst I did some serious bouncing. I felt a little self-conscious until I looked around and noticed that actually all of the parents were possibly enjoying the toddler session more than their little ones! What can I say? We don’t get out much these days!


A quick trip into town and then it was back home for a ploughmans for lunch before Elliott went down for what seemed like the longest nap ever. He kept fooling us by making sounds which made us think he was waking up and then when we would go in to check on him he would still be fast asleep. Elliott’s extended siesta meant we got some serious housework done and although there’s still some tasks for me to tick off today’s to-do list, I’m closer to completing everything than I have been for a very long time.


Having Mr H home today for the Bank Holiday has helped immensely. Just being able to cook tea without having Elliott whining at the gate between the lounge and the kitchen because he wants to be picked up makes the day so less stressful. Not to mention the extra pair of hands at chore time which means things get done in half the time. Stuff being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) being a set of SAHP (Stay At Home Parents) is really where it’s at. Imagine…

Elliott has been dancing away to ‘Little Peter Rabbit’ again today. I can’t seem to capture his moves on video, no matter how hard I try. But his choreography for ‘powder puff’ is particularly cute.

Food has gone down well with Elliott today too. He even had seconds of this evening’s Chilli – which brought me great happiness as I actually cooked that from scratch. Him having seconds of my home cooking is usually unheard of. And, it had hidden bits of red pepper in which he devoured. Whoop, whoop!


I’m so pleased that my remaining tasks for the day are all ones that can be completed whilst sitting on the sofa. After all that bouncing and running around I’m not sure I could cope with anything too strenuous. Plus, some of my ‘tasks’ are actually fun things, like watching the last ever episode of Girls. I’m so sad that it’s coming to an end. It’s been an odd but super-compelling TV show. The only plus to it finishing is that it frees Lena Dunham up to work on other projects and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


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