Diary: Easter Egg Hunt With A Toddler – April 2017


My plan to diarise everyday has been somewhat derailed by real life this weekend.

I spent most of my working day on Thursday mulling over some issues and worrying, so when I got back from work, and Elliott was tucked up in bed, Mr H and I had a chat. There  were tears from me and exasperated sighs from him, but we cleared the air – sort of. Ah, if there’s ever anything to test your relationship it’s a crazy toddler!

Friday was lovely. Porridge for breakfast and then off to pick up my mom before we (Mr H, my mother, Elliott and I) headed to Ludlow for the day. Our Sat Nav took us the most delightful route, past idyllic ageing country pubs and fields full of bounding spring lambs.


Ludlow has always been a nice place, but it seems to have turned it up a notch since we last visited. Gone are the shabby charity shops, replaced by sumptuous interiors retailers, super-cute children’s boutiques and delicious delis.

We headed to the castle so that Elliott could have a scamp around and scamp around he did! I think I’m going to have to start calling him Indiana Jones. He was fascinated by the archeological dig that was being carried out, loved climbing up the ruins and took even the steepest of steps in his stride (obviously we held his hand whilst he climbed these!). He also indulged his inner Makka Pakka by collecting stones and handing them out to us as gifts, very sweet, but we were kind of relieved when we got to a grassy area! We lunched in the castle tea rooms, opting to sit outside – always easier when you have a toddler in tow! I ordered a beef ploughmans and it was blooming delicious.

After lunch we headed for a mooch around town. The mixture of shops and market stalls in Ludlow is just so ‘us’. We stocked up on Elliott’s summer clothes in M&Co. I wanted to weep at how big his clothes are now. Where’s my baby gone? I also bought myself a new running top after I KonMari’d my previous ones. I’ve got no excuse not to hit the tarmac now!

Mr H purchased some items from Fat Face and I could have literally bought half the store. I had to stop myself as my bank balance is looking sadly lack-lustre at the moment and I want a new home more than I want this jacket. Although if I’m honest I really want both. I could have also happily spent a small fortune in Joules too. I know I’m a mummy shopper cliche!

Coffee and cake to refuel and give Elliott a chance to snack throw his food all over the floor in a nice cafe and chuck his water bottle so hard it got stuck between a sofa and the skirting board. Still, the cheesecake was particularly yummy and in between the throwing Elliot was being a total cutie and chuckling his little heart out every time I tickled him. Sometimes the way he looks at me just makes me melt.

We headed home, picking up fish and chips on the way. The perfect ending to a lovely day.


Saturday and after a slow start we headed to the park for an Easter egg hunt. Whoever decided to put the second station next to the play area was obviously a sadist. Elliott wanted to go on the swings and slides, until he got in there, then he just wandered around looking lost, but would he come out to continue the trail? Would he heck as like? Cue me picking him up whilst he did the standard backward banana manoeuvre. To be fair the hunt was fun, but trying to get a toddler to put the eggs back for the next child to find and walk in the right direction of the next clue was somewhat challenging. After the park we headed to the pub over the road for a surprisingly good (and much needed) lunch. Seriously, my hunger just lately has been epic. The only time I have ever felt this hungry before is when I was pregnant. In fact, I was so concerned I did a test. Turns out I am just greedy. On the plus side I’ve put some weight on which was much needed after the snot fest I endured at the start of the year.

After lunch we headed into town to get Easter goodies whilst Elliot napped in the buggy.

On the evening, once Elliot was in bed, we snacked and my god did we snack! There were Cadbury Egg and Spoon’s, Marmite rice cakes, popcorn all washed down with a side of Star Wars Rogue One. I enjoyed Rogue One although did get a bit confused by ‘all the planets’ and did find myself accidentally ‘resting my eyes’ at one stage. Although, to be fair, that happens whenever I sit still for too long since Elliott arrived on the scene. I sometimes think I only stay awake at work because my office phone rings just often enough to prevent sudden onset narcolepsy.

Onto the big day itself, or so proclaimed by supermarket advertisements and glossy magazines, we didn’t really have anything big planned for Easter Sunday. At first I felt a little deflated where was the big family lunch followed by a walk in the woods and rounded off by too much chocolate? Turns out simply doing nothing is absolute bliss. Obviously ‘simply doing nothing’ with a toddler in fact means having an action packed day, but y’know. It was so nice to still be in our pyjamas at lunch time and not to have to be anywhere at a set time.


When the alarm (that’ll be Elliott) went off this morning instead of heading into the lounge, we gave Elliott his bottle in our bed and then drank coffee whilst we all watched the Saccone-Joly’s on YouTube. We then presented Elliott with his bunny basket (a last-minute purchase from Card Factory on Saturday) and set off on our egg hunt, which Elliott loved. Breakfast was eaten and then we did some crafts. Lunch was eaten. Showers and naps were had. Nest cakes were made. Elliott has amazed us all day by being super proficient at sticking and gluing and also at scooping the nest cake mixture into paper cases. Songs were sung and danced to (Little Peter Rabbit is Elliott’s current favourite). We even had an egg and spoon race with plastic spoons which Elliott thought was hilarious.


Elliott also amazed us this morning by eating an entire Cadbury’s chocolate bunny! To be fair he did allow Mr H and I a few mouthfuls, but my god! At one point I tried to take the bunny off him and I have literally never seen Elliott so angry. Bunny was soon returned – pick your battles and all that…


We’re hoping to go trampolining tomorrow morning.I think I’ll be doing some serious bouncing considering the amount of Mini Eggs I’m currently devouring.


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