Diary – Is it Thursday yet? 12th April 2017

I’ll keep it brief. Today hasn’t been massively interesting. Whilst I enjoy my job, I do think it’s rather telling that I have a lot more to write about on days when I’m with Elliott, rather than days when I’m in the office.

I was super-tired today. I don’t even really know why. I also forgot my fancy water bottle, so ended up drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee and Coca Cola. Oops!

Fortunately today was much more productive than yesterday. Less meetings and more doing.

Elliott has been gorgeous, as always. I keep thinking it’s Friday tomorrow and when I realise it’s not I feel really sad that I don’t get to spend tomorrow with him. He’s super clingy with me at the moment and I am having to take a step back sometimes, which feels horrible, but I don’t want it to be the case that only I can settle him. After all, I do have to leave the house sometimes for my own sanity. It also feels quite nice. I must be doing something right if he is so attached to me and wants lots of cuddles and to spend lots of time playing with me. This evening we played with his toy food, putting it all in his mixing bowl so he could stir it up and make ‘TEA!’. He soaked me and Mr H at bath time, but it was all good fun and good development for his swimming classes. Besides, it gave me an excuse to put my PJs on even earlier than usual!

At nursery he’s been a good lad, as always. Apparently when he was doing some colouring in he kept stopping and holding his paper up proud of what he had done. When we left nursery today he blew kisses to the practitioner. He really is such a sweetheart.


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