Diary: Just an average day for a working mum – 11th April 2017

Today hasn’t been the most exciting of days. In fact, at times it’s been a bit frustrating. As a family we’re waiting to hear on some news right now and the suspense is literally making us all angsty. Well, all of us apart from Elliott obviously who is blissfully unaware. Oh, to be a carefree toddler again.

Elliott was in a great mood this morning, although had done a proper stinker. Always a nice thing to deal with first thing in the morning, not! He also won’t let me give him his morning milk at the moment, he prefers his daddy to do it and then on an evening he wants me to be milk giver instead of daddy. It’s most confusing!

Daddy did nursery drop so I was super-organised and popped to the supermarket for a quick top-up shop. I have the sinking feeling that I’ve forgotten something but I can’t figure out what.

Work was OK. One of those days which is punctuated with meetings and conf calls so you never really feel you can truly get your teeth into anything.

I picked Elliott up from nursery this evening and he was a delight. It sounds like he had a really fun day too, making pictures of chicks for Easter, doing an Easter egg hunt in the garden, doing all the actions to the nursery rhymes and even correcting one of the practitioners when she got the actions wrong! Apparently when seconds were being dished out at lunch time, he pointed to his plate to see if there were any going for him. Bless him!

This evening has gone by in a blur, as all evenings do after work. Elliott didn’t want any dinner – that’ll be due to those seconds he had for lunch then, but did manage a yoghurt and was so tired he didn’t really want to play so we cuddled up on the sofa and watched an episode of In The Night Garden instead.

Once he was asleep I cooked dinner, emptied the washing machine, refilled the washing machine and tidied up. We watched Girls whilst eating dinner (Thai Green Curry with leftovers from last nights take away). I’m loving the current season of Girls and will be so sorry when it ends.

Then I’ve spent the rest of the evening working on Wrinkle Wrinkle. I was hoping to get LOADS done. In reality I managed some edits to an existing video which will be going live tomorrow and editing another video from scratch. I love doing these things, but sometimes it just seems to take so long, even for a seemingly short video.

I’m about to diarise the actions I didn’t achieve today and then hit the hay. I am literally so tired.

Hope you’ve all had lovely days. x


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