Diary: Trampolining with a Toddler – 3rd April 2017


One of the major downsides of being a working mum, is that you never know if you’re going to pull the short straw. You never know if nursery are going to get the days when your little one is sunshine and rainbows and you’re going to get the days filled with sh*t and tantrums. Sometimes you win and get the rainbows, sometimes you just get the rain. This weekend, has definitely been a stormy one. Elliott isn’t quite himself which isn’t helping. It’s like he has some sort of bug, but he doesn’t really have any symptoms so it’s really difficult to know what’s wrong and what to do to make it right. He’s also in major training for the terrible twos and if you do something which dis-pleases him (like leaving him in the lounge to play with his toys whilst you make him a sandwich) he will let you know about it!

Today, we met friends at a local trampolining centre. I’d never considered trampolining as an activity for a toddler but it was actually brilliant. Well, I say it was brilliant I had a good time!

First up, I thought we were never going to get there. Elliott decided it was a much better idea to get me to read all of his dinosaur books to him this morning instead of changing his nappy and giving him his bottle. Not one to discourage his love of literacy I obliged, for a while, until I realised this was less about being a bookworm and more about procrastination. There were further delays as Elliott took for-blooming-ever eating his breakfast.

We made it to the trampolining centreΒ eight minutes late, which wasn’t bad considering I had to make a last-minute dash to Sainsbury’s to get some cash. We then filled in a lengthy waiver form before Elliott was given the cutest, tiniest pair of grippy trampolining socks ever! Little did I know these would be our saving grace.

The trampolining centre itself, whilst not cheap to get into – Β£8 for the two of us for one hour – was great. There were so many trampolines – ones where you could rebound off the walls, some normal ones, a professional one, an area where you could play dodgeball (for the older kids), an area for trampolining basketball, a really high thing which you could jump off (again for the older kids – p.s. don’t you just love my technical descriptions?) and a foam pit. There were lockers for your personal affects and because this was a session dedicated to under 5s they had laid out some other toys and play tents for them too.


Elliott wasn’t feeling it unfortunately. He spent most of the session clinging onto me like a limpet, poor thing. Every time I did get him to bounce a little bit, he would scarper off the trampoline shaking his head. Even when I bounced on my own he looked at me very seriously, shook his head and said ‘No, mummy!’. I carried on regardless – those trampolines were fun! He did show some interest in the balls that were scattered around the centre but was mostly interested in the socks he had been given. He kept taking them off, looking at the soles of them and saying ‘pretty’. Of course, on the way out at the end of the session he showed great interest in just about everything – why is that always the way?

Then onto Tesco, where he enjoyed being pushed around in the trolley – probably more than trampolining! But he still wasn’t himself, more of himself, but not 100% there. He fell asleep briefly in the car on the way back – literally for like two minutes. So I attempted a manoeuvre to get him into his cot when we got home. It didn’t work, he woke up. So I attempted lunch. Not interested. So I attempted putting him down for a nap again. It didn’t work. So I gave up and we’ve had a fun afternoon of no napping. To be fair he’s not been as grumpy as he could have been considering, but he’s not been great either. Whatever I’ve tried to do with him he’s always wanted to do the opposite and I was pleased to escape to the kitchen to prepare dinner whilst he played with his Fisher Price train.

There was a cute and tender moment as we shared an Innocent smoothie. Right now I will try anything to get some fruit into him! But otherwise it’s been a bit of a case of cray cray over-tired toddler. I’ve even had to raise my voice in a proper mum style a few times as he’s decided it’s a good idea to play with the TV, Mr H’s PlayStation and various other items which he knows are off limits.

Needless to say I am now hitting up the gin and chocolates. I’m all prepped to go back to work tomorrow. On the one hand the break from the crazy toddler will be good, on the other hand I’ll probably miss out on him being lovely tomorrow. Of course, he could still be a nightmare tomorrow too. Who knows? So, regardless of whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or a working mum we’re all screwed over by the mood swings of our toddlers, eh?


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