Diary: Control Freak – 2nd April 2017


I do wish that my mental state wasn’t so influenced by the state of my home. I literally am the living, breathing, mopping example of tidy house, tidy mind. Which isn’t so great when you have a messy toddler smearing his grimy fingers overΒ the TV screen, emptying his toys all over the lounge and splatting the radiator with yoghurt.

I had it all planned out I would useΒ my ‘power two hours’ whilst Elliott and Mr H were swimming to get some admin tasks completed, do some tidying, sorting out and cleaning and then get onto some of the fun stuff that I wanted to do, like reading and watching the Kardashians. In reality, I made myself a coffee and our Tassimo machine went rogue splatting coffee all over the work surface, floor, washing machine and narrowly missing my Real Techniques make-up brushes which I’d left to dry out on the work top. Needless to say the majority of the two hours were spent cleaning up that mess. Believe me, there were many expletives muttered. First world woes, I know!

Elliott really hasn’t been himself today. We thought it strange this morning when he barely touched his Weetabix and toast. At swimming he just wasn’t interested and was shivering a lot as Mr H got him dressed. He looked knackered when he got back from swimming so we put him down for his nap early. When he woke up we tried him with lunch but he barely touched anything, managing to just about eat half a yoghurt and alternating between me and Mr H for cuddles. The afternoon was a mixture of naps, cuddles and bit of low-key playing.

Usually when Elliott is ill he just wants me all the time and I can’t get anything done, but today he decided Mr H was where it’s at, which, at least, gave me time to catch up on some more of those household chores.

On the one hand I’m pleased that our apartment looks lovely and spick and span, on the other hand I would give anything to see my little man smiling and happy. I hate it when he’s ill and especially when I can’t really tell what’s wrong with him. Before you have kids you are blissfully unaware of how their emotions and illnesses will have such a dramatic impact on you. If I had a third hand it would be annoyed that I still didn’t get around to watching the Kardashians. That’ll be those first world woes again!


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