Sunday Digest – 30th April 2017

This week went a little Pete Tong for us when we all decided to be ill at the same time!

That means a lot of the blog posts I was planning on writing never got done. But hey ho! Health comes first.


I did manage to pull together this one about Elliott’s personality.

Everything else was a diary update…

Monday – Mum’s Night Out.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – is written from the perspective of a toddler.


By Saturday we were starting to feel better.


Although Elliott’s toddler mood swings were challenging today, we’ve survived and he’s actually also been supremely cute. 

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! If you’ve any ideas of any low energy, high fun activities we can get up to tomorrow, please let me know 🙂 x



Diary: Toddler Mood Swings – 30th April 2017


After an unsettled night, where Elliott came in to sleep with us again (fortunately he wasn’t such a wiggle-bottom this time), he woke up in a good mood this morning. He ate a proper chunk-load for breakfast (I managed to sneak some peaches into his porridge again too – woo hoo!).

After that this morning kinda went downhill. Elliott was in a defiant toddler ‘I don’t want to do what you want me to do’ mood and things got even worse when I tried to get the snot out of his nose with the snot sucker. Fortunately after I explained that I understood that he didn’t like it, but it was to help him and gave him lots of cuddles he seemed to forgive me.

We headed into town this morning and although we all felt better our energy levels are still super-low. We trudged up the hill into town and plodded around the shops. We didn’t get anything exciting, just some stuff from Wilko and Home Bargains. Plus a trip to Tesco to return a pair of unflattering trousers – which they had also left the security tag on a-bloody-gain – fourth time, FOURTH TIME!

Elliott had a little nap just as we were completing our shopping and as we didn’t want to wake him we decided to go for a sneaky drink whilst he snoozed. Of course, as we en-route to our cafe of choice he woke up so we headed home instead.

Unpacking the shopping was interesting. Elliott would go from terribly helpful to terror tot and back in a matter of seconds. Tantruming because I wouldn’t let him have my sunnies, next moment unpacking the shopping and passing all the items to me to put away. This behaviour became the theme for pre-lunch. Elliott was not happy when I wouldn’t let him play with his Lego just as lunch was being served up. I’m trying really hard to reason with him at the moment, so I explained that we had to have lunch but we could play with it straight away afterwards. I have no idea whether this tack is going to work and I’m not saying it’s ‘the right way’ to do it. For me, it’s just nicer than shouting!

I trialled a new dessert from Elliott’s weaning cookbook after lunch. Mango and Passionfruit pudding. It was delicious and Elliott lapped it up – hurrah – more fruit for the carb loading toddler. I am just going to have to start hiding fruit and veg in meals, maybe by pureeing it. I would much rather not do that, but I think it’s the only way to avoid scurvy at the moment as he turns his nose up at anything green, orange, red… Beige seems to be his favourite colour, but not chips and chicken nuggets brown either… le sigh.

I stayed true to my word and we played Lego after lunch. It’s so much fun playing with Elliott now, as his imagination is kicking in, so we had a space rocket taking off and a giraffe and a dog clip-clopping along. We played drumming. We ate make believe food. It was lovely, knackering, but lovely.

Afternoon snack was the afternoon snack of afternoon snacks – Easter Egg chocolate. Elliott had been given a Milkybar one so we broke some of that up for him to eat. Mr H had a milk chocolate egg which was obviously brown, whilst Elliott’s chocolate was white. Elliott was very confused. He honestly didn’t believe what we had given him was chocolate. He eyed it suspiciously, played with it and pointed to Mr H’s egg and said ‘chocolate..?’. Fortunately I had a white chocolate egg too which made things a little easier and Elliott was soon tucking in.


During the afternoon Mr H napped on the sofa whilst Elliott and I played. I could tell he was tired but he wouldn’t go to sleep. At 5pm I woke Mr H so I could start dinner, I would have left him to snooze but Elliott had his Xylophone sticks out and I was worried Mr H might find one inserted somewhere if he stayed asleep. Elliott then decided he would fall asleep in a most undignified way. He woke up to be popped into his highchair, then fell asleep again, then woke up again and had a little bit of TEA(!).

His favourite book before bed at the moment is Incey Wincey Spider, so we read that to him a couple of times and then popped him to bed. No bath tonight, he was just too tired. Let’s hope for a better night’s sleep for him (and us) tonight.

Diary – 29th April 2017 – On the Road to Recovery


Going to sleep last night was difficult. My mind was whirring with a million ideas and thoughts and would just not switch off. It was nice, to some degree, nice to have enough energy for my brain to think about anything but ‘Ouch! My throat hurts!‘. In the end I had a really strange dream about a hotel was staying in which had windows that protruded like bubbles.

Anyway, when the alarms (mobile and toddler) went off almost in synch this morning I did not want to move, but I knew I had to. One, because I knew Elliott was ready to get up (and leaving an impatient toddler in their cot for too long is a recipe for a meltdown) and two, because we had to be up and out so that Mr H could make his hair appointment. Mr H has hair that defies gravity. It grows out, rather than down, so he ends up with a bushy afro (if it’s possible to have straight-haired version of an afro?) if he doesn’t get his hair cut regularly.

Whilst Mr H had his hair done, Elliott and I headed to the local shopping centre to pick up some photos I’d ordered from Boots. I was planning to wander around the stores for a while, but I was knackered and just not feeling it, so we managed Boots – twice because I’m forgetful – and Marks & Spencer (where I stocked up on some more Pixi Glow Tonic).

Mr H came to pick us up, sans afro, and we went to Grandad’s house (Mr H’s Dad’s) for a catch-up. He hadn’t seen Elliott since January, simply because life passes by so quickly. Elliott was shy at first but soon warmed up and was sprinting around the house and taking a particular interest in Grandad’s book collection. Elliott took a mini nap on Daddy’s nap before lunch whilst we took full advantage of Grandad’s Nespresso machine. I never fancy coffee when I’m ill so the fact that I managed two was a sign I was getting better.

A quick trip to Asda to stock up on stuff we couldn’t get on the Ocado shop, or stuff that’s too expensive (HOW MUCH are Waitrose baby wipes???). Home for some TV and hand-holding, then tea, which we enjoyed for the first time this week, another sign that we’re recovering.

An early tea meant more play time, yay!

And now we’re trying to catch up on some of the stuff we let slip when we were ill – whilst not doing too much. Oh and right now we’re watching Car Share too.

How was your Saturday?

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Diary – 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th April 2017

Quite a few days to catch up because… I’ve been ill. In fact we all have. It’s been a pretty miserable week with not much news, so instead of me moaning about being ill again, I thought I’d try to write the past few days from Elliott’s perspective…

Tuesday 25th April

I’m sure I normally go to nursery on a Tuesday, but Daddy didn’t take me this morning, which was strange. Mummy still got dressed up and went to the place she calls ‘work’. I’m not sure where that is but she always seems pleased to see me afterwards. Daddy watched something called Snooker today. Again, I’m not sure what it was but it looked like lots of fun. The balls were like the balls in my ball pit and I enjoyed clapping along with the crowd. I wasn’t really very hungry today and Daddy didn’t seem himself either. He didn’t want to play as much as usual. In the afternoon he took me to the doctors, apparently Mummy had been consulting something called ‘Dr. Google’ and was worried about my rash. The doctor checked my ears and in my mouth and stroked his hands over my arms where my rash was but he decided it was just a virus and just told Daddy to give me Calpol. I have felt a bit poorly recently. I wish it would go away. I still want to play but then I run out of energy and have to go to Mummy and Daddy for a cuddle. Sometimes, after TEA(!) I don’t have the energy to play and Mummy and Daddy let me watch In The Night Garden.

When Mummy came back from work she put her pyjamas on and gave me cuddles on the sofa. She didn’t have dinner with us and when I went for my bath she fell asleep on the sofa. When I came back into the room for my bottle I had to sit in the IKEA chair!

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Daddy got me up and ready today. This is something that Mummy normally does but she was nowhere to be seen. Once I was ready, Daddy took me to say goodbye to Mummy. She was still in bed!

Then I went to the doctors again, but this time for Daddy. He has something called tonsillitis and has to take some tablets for it. I guess that’s why he was so tired yesterday.

I went to nursery today and had lots of fun with my friends but I was still a bit tired so didn’t join in as much as I would normally do.

When I got back Mummy was still in bed. I went in to say hello to her and give her a cuddle, but she wasn’t usual fun Mummy. Her face looked all puffy and she was very tired for someone who had been in bed all day. Daddy looked after me and I just saw Mummy again to say goodnight to.

Thursday 27th April 2017

Nursery again today. Again Daddy got me ready, so I assume Mummy is still tired. I went to say bye to her before I left this morning. Daddy told her to go to the doctors. That will mean all of us will have been to the doctors this week! Nursery was fun, but again I was a bit tired so didn’t join in as much as I usually would. In the afternoon one of the ladies who looks after me had to give me some Calpol because apparently I was really hot. I was stripped down to my nappy and everything!

Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up tonight. Apparently Mummy had been to the doctors and she had tonsillitis too, so she also has some tablets to take. Watching Mummy and Daddy take their tablets is funny because they pull silly faces as they try to swallow them and I don’t think they even realise it. Apparently Mummy’s tablets smell like MilkyBar but they don’t taste like it. I don’t think they taste very nice judging by the faces she pulls after taking them.

I couldn’t sleep very well tonight, so Mummy and Daddy came in to see me a couple of times. One time I did a big trump and then I was OK again. The second time I really couldn’t settle and Mummy and Daddy couldn’t figure out why. They gave me cuddles. Then I started pointing to something in the corner and saying something that Mummy and Daddy couldn’t understand. I wandered over to the corner but couldn’t find what I was pointing at so I looked at my walker and then went back to Mummy and Daddy. They gave me some Calpol and Mummy laid out her fluffy dressing gown for me to lay on. I lay next to her and it was really comfortable. I went to grab my monkey and my penguin from my cot. I gave my penguin to Mummy and I cuddled my monkey. Daddy already had his eyes closed. I settled down for a while. But then Mummy started wriggling and trying to grab a blanket which woke me up an I got upset. Then she picked me up and took me to Mummy and Daddy’s bed. I was a little upset to begin with but actually it was really comfortable and I soon drifted off. I wriggled around the bed a few times and ended up on top of the duvet at the bottom of the bed. Mummy and Daddy said I was like a cat.

Friday 28th April 2017

Yay! Mummy doesn’t work today which means I get to play with her. Maybe she might take me to Rattle and Rhyme at the library? But Mummy didn’t seem to want to play very much today. She was tired again and we both stayed in our pyjamas all day. I made her laugh at breakfast time and enjoyed singing along to a song on the radio that sounded like ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ but Mummy said it was called ‘Barbara-Ann’. We watched a film this morning, it had a stripey horse in it and also a lion. I enjoyed dancing to the songs and Mummy took a little video to send to Daddy to cheer him up at work. Apparently the film was called Madagascar. I went down for an early nap and I think Mummy might have had a nap at the same time.

When I woke up we had lunch together and then I helped Mummy to tidy up by putting my bath toys back in the basket in the bathroom, putting Daddy’s books on the shelf and putting my clean clothes from the washing machine away. Mummy looked tired so I took her by the hand and led her to the sofa so she could sit down. Then I asked her to pass me my stacking cups so I could make her a cup of tea. I went to get enough blue balls from my ball pit to fit in the stacking cups and then gave them all to mummy and we ate and drank them together.

We watched some YouTube videos whilst I had my afternoon snack. I like the videos Mummy watches as they are of families so I get to see what the older children are up to. Being a bigger kid seems like so much fun. There are little babies on some the videos too.

When Daddy got home Mummy went to wash up and I got a bit sad that I couldn’t be with her any more. But she said to spend some time with Daddy which was fun. Then Mummy and Daddy took it in turns to cook TEA(!) and read me stories. I really like my crocodile book at the moment. TEA(!) was nice – spaghetti and sauce and cheese. I ate a bit too much at one stage and nearly choked. Daddy patted me on the back and Mummy gave me cuddles afterwards because I was scared. They said I should take small bites but that it was OK because I was still learning. They gave me a biscuit for pudding and I fed some to Daddy, I tried to feed some to Mummy but she said she was full, which was strange because she barely ate any TEA(!). I had fed her a lot of my snacks during the day though. I like sharing my snacks with Mummy.

Daddy bathed me and put me to bed, but I grabbed Mummy’s hand (she was busy putting away washing) and asked her to read the Gruffalo with me before bed. Daddy had already read it to me, but I like the different ways they read it and the different sounds they make. Daddy put me to bed, but I didn’t have my usual sleeping bag because mummy thinks I’ve outgrown it. I am getting quite tall. I heard her tell Daddy that I will need a bed soon!

Mummy says she’s too tired to add any links or photos to this post at the moment. She’s feeling better and I can tell because she was tickling me earlier but the tablets she is taking are making her queasy. I want her to go to bed so she has enough energy to play with me tomorrow.

Diary: Mum’s Night Out – 24th April 2017

I don’t really feel like I’ve spent any time with Elliott today. 

I have. 

I’ve spent the entire day with him, but he’s been so poorly that he’s really not been his usual fun-loving self.

This morning when I tried to give him his milk he lay face down on the carpet. I honestly thought he was going to go to sleep. After some coaxing he managed some of his bottle.

He was fairly bright for breakfast, choosing his beloved Krispies (pronounced by him as Kisspees) and toast. Afterwards he was tired but cheery as he watched some CBeebies whilst I collected errant Kisspees. 

We were almost ready to go out to post my latest eBay sales when he hit ‘the wall’. When Elliott grabs your hand and puts it on his face, that’s when you know he’s tired. I’ve tried to push past it before and it never ends well. We aborted our mission and popped Elliott down for a nap. He fought it at first before succumbing to his tiredness and having a super-long sleep. 

On the one hand this was great. I got so many jobs ticked off my list and even made a lamb tagine for Elliott & Mr H’s tea. On the other hand where was my boisterous, fun-loving, demanding little boy? I missed him and was worried about him. 

When he woke I noticed little raised dots all over the tops of his arms. Glass test done and anything overly sinister ruled out, I moved onto the B-list of infections… could this be the pox? I will be so pleased when Elliott actually has it so I can rule it out for future infections. 

Elliott barely touched his lunch. In the end I managed to get him to eat an Organix Gingerbread Man by taking it in turns to eat the biscuits arms, legs and head. Elliott did seem brighter though, so we headed out…

Shit! We’d forgotten to put the buggy back in my car. Driving into town it was then. Fortunately Elliott was an absolute star and walked all the way from Tesco to the Post Office. He even resisted the lure of the strategically placed ‘pester power’ toys as we waited and he queued brilliantly. 

I popped him in a trolley around Tesco. He loves a good ride in a trolley. Easily pleased. He did brilliantly around Tesco considering he obviously didn’t feel good. He managed his snack, eventually. But then the hand grabbing started again so we made a quick exit. 

It was nearing ‘danger nap’ territory but I was conscious that Elliott was ill and tired and probably wouldn’t make it to dinner time if he didn’t nap soon, so I took a detour of about four miles so he could take an in car nap. I also thought sleeping propped up in the car seat might help his stuffy nose. 

He woke up bang on cue as we arrived home and had a mad five minutes of playing before snuggling back on my lap. 

Mr H is all lurged up too, so I made sure everything was prepped before I headed out on a mummy night out with a very long-standing friend. We might not see each other as often as we used to but she’s one of those people who always makes you smile. We ate, I had wine, we probably had more coffee than we should have at that time of night and we caught up on everything from old acquaintances, through Scientology and Easter bunnys. After a day spent wiping a snotty nose it was just what I needed. 

Elliott’s 18 Month Update – Part 6: Personality


I freakin’ love Elliott’s personality and quite often tell him to never, ever change!


Sure, there’s the tantrums. Mostly when I pick him up in the kitchen and deposit him back in the lounge when I’m cooking; or when he wants to climb the next flight of stairs in the apartment block; or sometimes just because he is over tired. Those times aren’t fun, but they’re short lived, soon forgotten and just Elliott learning how to handle things – they’re not indications of his personality.


First up, Elliot is super-caring. He almost has this sixth sense. Ever since he was a tiny baby he’s looked concerned if he heard another baby crying. When one of his baby friends returned to Baby Sensory following an absence of a few weeks Elliott crawled over to him as if to say ‘how are you doing mate, you alright?’. There’s a young baby in his room at nursery and he will often try to entertain the baby with toys if she’s upset, or wave to her to try to cheer her up. Once at soft play he spent ages pointing out various funny pictures to a small baby. My ovaries are literally ready to explode as I type this!

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I’ve been rather ill recently and Elliott has been super kind to me. One morning when I had no energy and Hubby had to head out, Elliott crawled up and took an early nap on me as if to say ‘I know you’re not very well mummy and you don’t have very much energy. I’ll help you out and have my nap now so you don’t wear yourself out.‘. He will regularly dole out hugs and kisses and if he’s not kissing you directly he’s likely to be blowing you a kiss.


Which bring us onto the next thing. He’s a little charmer. He really is. We’ve always said this and I’m sure most babies are, but he knows how to act so cute and charming to really win people over, even really grumpy people!


I’m also convinced he’s Zoolander. Point a camera in his face and he will quite happily pose away. Tonight I wanted to capture a photo of him with a small jute tote bag on his head. By the time I had grabbed my phone he had taken the bag off, but seeing me about to take a photo he popped the bag back on, turned, pouted so I could get my shot and then took the bag off again! Poser, indeed!


He’s confident, but reluctant at first. Elliott’s confidence has come on so much since starting nursery, but his initial instinct is to hold back at first. Once he’s comfortable with a person, environment or situation he’s well away but if he’s not sure he will hang around mummy and daddy until he’s sized the place up.

What else? He’s as cheeky as they come and he knows he is. He’s also very determined and independently minded. Very helpful, which is great as he will now help me put away his clothing or hang the washing. He’s also as bright as a button and doesn’t miss a thing.

I can’t wait to see what he grows up to be like. I just know he’s going to make us very, very proud.

Take a look at the rest of Elliott’s 18-month update here:

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Diary: Sleep Deprivation with a Toddler – 23rd April 2017

Jeez! I had forgotten how tough sleep deprivation is. How the hell did we manage to function during the ‘newborn days’? Last night Elliott had an unsettled nights sleep until around 11pm, when I went in to soothe him and he was wide awake, snuffly and handing me his cuddly toys. I knew there was no chance of him drifting back off to sleep so grabbed him out of his cot in the hope that he would take his bottle, which he had refused earlier. Elliott happily enjoyed some cuddles, but he wasn’t going anywhere near his bedtime bottle. He was also super-hot, so we de-robed, gave Calpol and waited for the drugs to kick in.

In the meantime I had the bright idea to bring Elliott into bed with us. I figured that propping him up, either on me or on the pillows, would help the snot to drain away so he would get a better night’s sleep. I also thought it was save us from spending half the night traipsing across the hallway to his room when he did inevitably wake.

The last time Elliott properly slept in bed with us was when he had a mild case of Croup ahead of his first birthday. I say mild, it still sounded atrocious enough to have us attend the walk-in clinic at the early hours of the morning. Back then he didn’t really wriggle and was quite compliant with the whole, I’m not well I’ll sleep with Mummy and Daddy thing. Nowadays Elliott has a more wriggly, let’s fling myself off the bed mentality. Oh the joys. I had legs in my face. He climbed on my head at one point. I had elbows thrust into my windpipe. What with that, the fact that no matter what Elliott did he couldn’t get comfortable (he kept grabbing my hand to stroke his feet but as soon as I started stroking he would push me away) and the fact that when I did manage a rare 15 minutes of sleep I had an awful dream about a ghost that pushed me onto the bed and held me so tight I couldn’t escape – can’t think why that came into my head?! – I didn’t have the greatest nights sleep. In the dream there was also a spooky abandoned town where it was always Christmas. I appreciate I’ve used ‘the fact’ twice – I’m sleep deprived, what you gonna do…

Elliott obviously also had a rubbish nights sleep. He was hot, snuffly, dribbly and just couldn’t get comfortable. Thankfully he had his morning bottle this morning. He was fully awake and raring to go at 6am this morning and then managed some breakfast, but he really hasn’t been himself for most of the day. Neither have we for that matter. The fact that it’s now 7:30pm and I’m still in my PJs is testament to that. We watched the Marathon and ate chocolate spread on toast, washed down with black coffee. We had McDonald’s for lunch and we’ve just eaten pie and waffles for tea. We’ve tried to find the simplest ways of keeping Elliott entertained. Ones that don’t take much moving. Things like playing shops. We’ve caught forty winks whenever we’ve been able to and I didn’t even care that Elliott had a danger nap at around 5pm, because he had it whilst laying on me and it gave me the perfect opportunity for a bit of shut-eye myself. Bliss.

I have also been pretty productive. I figured that come tonight I would be flagging, so tried to get as much ticked off the to do list during Elliott’s ridiculously early morning nap.

Of course we had plans today. Really nice plans to meet up with friends who have a little one a bit older than Elliott. I find your kids are never ill when you’ve nothing planned. They always seem to time it to coincide with a social occasion that you’re really looking forward to. Sometimes they do it a few times on the bounce with the same friend, just to make you seem really flaky. Perhaps we could have still gone, but Elliott wouldn’t be in a good mood and my friend has an almost newborn so I didn’t think it fair to spread both bad vibes and germs.

To all you parents of newborns I salute you! Sleep deprivation is tough!

Sunday Digest – 23rd April 2017

Happy St George’s Day people, especially to all the mamas who can now only associate this day with Peppa Pig’s younger brother!

This week we have been…

Reminiscing on how I celebrated my 37th birthday last month.

Getting all the toddler essentials from IKEA!

Bounding around like loons at the trampolining centre


Looking back on Elliott’s 18-month milestones


Wondering who the heck to vote for, how to wear our hair and why toddlers are so self-destructive.


Having fun at soft play at the local garden centre.

Having a day of two halves with a teething toddler.


Diary: Teething Toddler – 22nd April 2017


Today was never going to be the most exciting of days. My car was booked in for a service first thing (I drive a Hyunadai i30 in case you’re curious) so we dropped it off at the garage and headed to Sainsbury’s to grab breakfast. I adore Sainsbury’s meat free breakfast, even though I do eat meat. Elliott scoffed down a bowl of Rice Krispies and looked confused every time there was a tannoy announcement (just where is that voice coming from?), whilst Mr H enjoyed a traditional Full English (or Flinglish as we like to call it). Also, how nice are Sainsbury’s cappuccinos?

Anyway, enough of the Sainsbury’s love (this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just a fan girl!). Post-breakfast we had a nosey around the store. I wanted to pick up some birthday gifts and have a look at the clothing as I had spied a nice skirt in there on Tuesday before work. Mr H wanted to see if they had any of the moisturiser he uses. We came out with just a bunch of bananas. Sainsbury’s Cafe 3, Sainsbury’s Grocery Offering 0.

After our supermarket sweep we were at a bit of a loss of what to do. We didn’t want to stray too far lest the garage call us and tell us the car was ready. The park would have been ideal but despite the sunshine it was blooming freezing. So we headed to Soft Play, the cheapy soft play near to us that’s a bit rough around the edges but is ideal for times like this where you wouldn’t get your moneys-worth from a more expensive establishment. It’s more fun now that Elliott can play on more things and he even tacked the slide on his own for the first time today – proud parenting moment (although a little disappointing too, as it means that the days of me using him as an excuse to go on swings and slides are numbered).

Just like yesterday he made friends with an older girl and also just like yesterday he was easy to extract from the soft play area with the promise of food. Unfortunately the actual eating of the food was a little distracted by the arrival of one of the characters from Paw Patrol heading into one of the party rooms with his ghetto blaster blarring. Hilarious and fun in equal measure! Thankfully the garage called before the Hokey Cokey kicked in!

Off we toddled to pick up the car and I was delighted to see they had cleaned it too, especially as it go covered in sand on the motorway a few weeks back. Woo hoo!

We headed home and noticed that Elliott was taking a turn for the grump. We tried him with lunch, he wasn’t interested – not even in a yoghurt (one of Elliott’s favourite foods). We popped him down for his nap and he was out like a light, but soon woke up and was irritated. Mr H went to keep him company whilst I zoomed around like a mad thing trying to get stuff done during his nap time. Eventually I headed in to see what was going on and discovered that Elliott had become decidedly sniffly. I rescued him from his cot and wondered if he would settle in a more elevated position on me. He wouldn’t and just kept pointing at his head, which I took to indicate he had a headache, poor thing. Calpol was administered and Elliott snuggled on Mr H whilst I hoovered, steam mopped and generally did the Domestic Goddess act.

We weren’t sure what was the matter for a while. But judging by the amount Elliott is dribbling it’s teething related. I’ve just been in to put some Snufflebabe on a cloth for him, so hopefully that helps but I’m not hopeful for a good nights sleep tonight. Oh heck!


Diary: Soft Play Fun – 21st April 2017


Today has been a lovely day, although sadly I have very few photos to show for it. Sometimes it’s nice to just live in the moment rather than trying to capture it all on camera I guess.

Elliott has been off most fruit – aside from bananas – for a while now. He will eat them at nursery (gotta love peer pressure when it’s positive) but not at home. This morning I used the hand blender to mulch up some tinned peaches and added them to his porridge. I was sure he would notice and spit the porridge out but thankfully he didn’t and he ate the whole blooming lot. Cue triumphant Mama fist pumps from me!

My mother came over after breakfast. I say after, Elliott was still slowly munching his way through some toast when she arrived. Has anyone else’s toddler started daudling over their breakfast recently? I’m sure Elliott will be asking for the morning paper to peruse whilst he eats his Rice Krispies soon, such is his leisurely approach to morning dining.

I had a few phone calls to make so I left Elliott with his Nanny playing cars and retreated to the bedroom.


Once we were all ready and Elliott had decided to put on his own shoes rather than wearing his Nan’s we headed to a local garden centre for a mooch and a bit of fun on their soft play.

The store itself was full of the usual garden centre fodder. I’m sure you must be able to buy a ‘start your own garden centre’ kit which comes with the same array of books, ornaments, Yankee candles and decorative kneeling pads.

I did my good deed for the day too. After waiting ages for the baby change a flustered mother emerged apologising. “I’m sorry,” she said “We had an ‘explosion’ and we had to do a full outfit change!”. “Don’t worry,” I countered “We’ve all been there.” Then I noticed that her pretty scarf which was supposed to be wrapped around her neck was dangling dangerously around her feet. A tripping hazard for a lady carrying a newborn is never a good idea, so I raced to her rescue and twirled the scarf back around her neck. As she walked off I heard her tell her older child “I had to wash her down in the sink”. Oh eck! Maybe we haven’t all been there…

Elliott made friends with an older girl in soft play and they followed each other around for a bit, playing in the ball pit and sliding down the slide together (with some encouragement from me and some shoving from me when Elliott got stuck half way down). It’s so lovely watching him playing so nicely with other children and having so much fun. Thankfully we didn’t have the usual screaming tantrum when I tried to extract him from soft play. I asked Elliott if he was hungry. He nodded and started to make his way out of the soft play area! There are some advantages to having a ‘foodie’ child.

Despite being tired Elliott sat really well for his lunch and shared half of my sandwich and even eating some ham which is unusual for him. He napped after lunch whilst mom and I mooched around the shop. ‘Oohing’ and ‘Ahhing’ over the lovely stuff before deciding it was over-priced.

Then we headed into our local town to run a few errands before heading home for snack and playtime. Elliott has been in such a lovely mood all day. It’s been bliss. After mom had gone home he climbed in his ball pit and we shook it to make the balls fly in all directions. It makes such a mess of the lounge, but it really makes Elliott belly chuckle so it’s so worth it.


Elliott unfortunately couldn’t keep his eyes open for tea tonight. Literally as I was dishing up he fell asleep on the sofa. So no bath for him tonight. Hopefully he doesn’t wake at 5pm starving for his breakfast!