Diary: 31st March 2017 – Terrible Two’s Rehearsals

I almost forgot to write my diary entry for today. It’s been a bit manic. Not busy manic. Manic, manic.

This morning Elliott treated me to a little lay in and didn’t stir until around 7:20am. Yes, non-parents that is what we class as a lay in the Heathcock household these days! He was perfectly agreeable this morning, choosing his breakfast cereal (Rice Krispies) and eating his breakfast nicely, getting completely absorbed in watching Mr Tumble (what is it about that show that’s so fascinating??) and just generally being cute and adorable.

I should have read the warning signs really. As I popped Elliott’s shoes on ready to go to Rattle & Rhyme at the library this morning he leant into me, grabbed my hand and rested his face in it, one of the indications that Elliott is sleepy. But then he seemed to perk up so I pushed on regardless and, after all, 10:30am is rather early for a nap, right?

Wrong! I so should have stayed home and let Elliott take an early nap. Usually Elliott is really well behaved but when he’s tired he is AWFUL! Honestly, it’s embarrassing. So, today we left halfway through Rattle & Rhyme because Elliott was stealing all the instruments off the other children, terrorising the small babies, doing that weird backwards banana tantrum move and even tried to bite me at one point. Oh joy! I’m sure other parents must think ‘oh just distract him, he’ll be fine’, but when he gets like that there really is no reasoning with him, the only thing that works is sleep.

I headed home and popped Elliott straight down in his cot and it didn’t take him long to settle. Then I cracked on with a massive tidy up of our bedroom. Well, that and I made myself a fresh coffee after Elliott threw a baby wipe in one of my earlier attempts of caffeine refuelling.

My method of tidying up involves creating more mess first and as I didn’t manage to finish the sort out before Elliott woke up I did have to pre-warn Mr H about the state of the bedroom before he got home. He freaked when he saw it. But he’s now safely tucked up in bed beside me and we can see floor and bed and tops of chests of drawers and everything so you can tell how I’ve spent my evening! Not particularly exciting but I’ve been feeling quite anxious recently. I can’t put my finger on why. Whenever I feel like this I find bringing order back into my surroundings calms me down, so I’m hoping this recent tidy up will have me feeling serene in no time.

After Elliott’s nap we had lunch and then played a little with Elliott’s fuzzy felt digger book and his new flash cards. Then Elliott went to grab his shoes, which I took as a cue that he wanted to go out so I took him for a walk. I tried to get him to go in the buggy but it was impossible. Instead he kept hiding underneath the stairs in our communal hallway, much to the amusement of our passing neighbour. Eventually I gave up with the buggy and we just strolled hand-in-hand instead. Well, we did at first. Of course, Elliott got tired of walking pretty quickly so I ended up carrying him. I’ll have arms of steel by the time he’s fully grown!

Our walk wasn’t massively exciting. Along the road, through the churchyard where Elliott blew kisses at all the beautiful flowers, then back onto the road, through the old hospital ground, back through the churchyard and into our estate where we played on the grass at the front for a bit. I say ‘played’ and I say ‘grass’, realistically Elliott decided to stand at the gate and shake it, like a prisoner trying to break free from his cell!

When Mr H got home we headed to get Friday fish and chips. Well, we did, once Elliott had stopped having a strop over absolutely nothing anyway. The fish and chips were delicious and an amazing break from not having to cook and clean up. Even Elliott joined in a bit more with them. In fact, he’s eaten really well today and made sure he’s fed me too. Little sweetheart.

Right now, I’m looking at the pile of things I still have to do. I really want to get them done, but it’s late and I have a busy day tomorrow, so they will have to wait…




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