Diary: Thursday 30th March 2017

Pours Gin into glass.

Pours a bit more Gin into glass. 

Tops up with Tonic. 

Sits back. 

Opens laptop and…

Aah, Thursday is my last working day of the week so technically this marks the start of my weekend.

Work has felt very odd this week. After weeks of being frantically busy in the build up to a trade event, things feel very quiet in comparison. They’re not. My to-do list still makes me weep, but without that definitive deadline looming in the near future and the stress that comes with that it kind of feels like we’re coasting. I know I should enjoy the relative downtime before the next deadline starts hurtling towards us, but hey I’m a sucker for punishment.

Disturbing news this morning, as a family were stabbed at their home in our ‘hood. I say ‘hood, my local town couldn’t be further from a ‘hood, it’s distinctly middle class and, certainly the area where the attack looks place is affluent, well-kept and, well, not somewhere you expect to be the site of a murder investigation. Such sad and tragic news.

This evening I headed to our local shopping centre straight from work to pick up the scrapbook I had on order with Paperchase. It’s every bit as gorgeous as I’d hoped it would be and a bit more to boot! I also spent some of my birthday money on this amazing candle, before heading to Superdrug to pick up some essentials and popping to Sainsbury’s to pick up some of my favourite wine (Little Penguin Shiraz, in case you’re interested).

Next up was Elliott’s parents evening at nursery, He’s doing brilliantly. Although disappointingly his key worker did mark him down slightly for his speech. She did admit that was just because she hasn’t actually heard him speak much because she’s been away doing paperwork etc… We suggested she talk to him about food as that seems to be his favourite topic at present!

Here’s his overview:

Elliott is a pleasure to have at nursery. He is always smiling and happy. He is developing really well in all areas. He is a quiet boy, but is beginning to copy phrases. He has created a lovely relationship with his new key person and other practitioners in the room. 

We also have his learning journey to look through, which is always cute to see all his photographs, observations and paintings.

Since getting back the night has gone by in a blur. Elliott currently clings to me post bath and won’t even let Mr H give him his bottle (traditionally I do morning duties, Mr H does evening duties). He also wouldn’t go to sleep without me holding his hand, so by the time I had settled him down, eaten my tea and put the Ocado shop away. Well here we are at 10:30pm – feeling anxious about all the stuff I haven’t got around to doing.


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