Diary: Wednesday 29th March 2017


Today officially marks the start of Brexit. Scary times – potentially. At the end of the day, nobody really knows what Brexit is going to bring. Probably more scare-mongering and sexist headlines from the Daily Mail, but I think that was a given regardless of us deciding to leave Europe. I must admit I’m nervous. I voted to stay. Europe is all I’ve ever known and, whilst I’m proud to say I’m British/English. I am also proud to say I am an European. Or, I was, at least…

Whenever I used to visit ‘the continent’ (as my grandparents used to call it) I used to be amazed by how much more advanced they were thanΒ us in terms of transportation, environmental issues and work/life balance. I always thought that being part of Europe would mean some of this would rub off on us and it slowly has. I’m sure it still will. After all, article 50, or no article 50 we’re pretty close neighbours.

There’s certainly uncertainty in the air (see what I did there..?). We’re hoping to move soon, so I do wonder how this will affect house prices, mortgage rates and all that jazz. Then there’s job security to think about too… But is it really any worse that if we had stayed with Europe? After all the banking crisis took us all by surprise and would have rocked our foundations regardless of our unity with our neighbours.

I don’t really have any deep political thoughts about this. I don’t really have any deep political thoughts about anything these days. I rarely have time to watch the news and, even when I do, it’s quick snatches of dumbed-down headlines on Sky. I do miss reading some of the analysis articles in the Sunday newspapers, but I think I would struggle to concentrate on them now anyway. My attention span has become so poor recently that I often have to read aloud just to keep my own attention! It’s terrible, but that’s what having a crazy toddler does for you.

So, today, along with Brexit I was thinking about this blog and my plans for the future with it. One thing I realised is that I really wanted to start using it as a bit of a daily diary too. An opportunity to keep track of all things ‘us’ and Elliott. I still want to blog and vlog parenting and hauls and all the other stuff. But I also want to record memories to look back on in years to come – the story behind the Instagram photos, if you will. In time I’m sure I will move these to a separate section of the blog. But, alas, I’m time short and bursting with ideas so that will have to wait for now. Here’s what today gave me, apart from Brexit fever…

Elliott woke up in such a good mood this morning. He was literally standing up in his cot (still wearing his sleeping bag) when I went in to him. We ran through our normal morning routine and he was as pleasant as any toddler can be when they don’t want to get dressed, or have their teeth brushed, or get dressed…

This morning’s episode of Postman Pat featured a cameo performance from Professor Brian Cox as part of the BBC’s Stargazing Live season. I loved the tongue-in-cheek ‘chemistry’ between Professor Brian Cox and the teacher (no idea what her name is, sorry!). Rather amusing.

Mr HΒ did nursery drop-off allowing me some time to do my slap. Elliott is getting so cute at saying ‘bye’ now. He does it in some kind of Texan drawl – think Beyonce in Sorry. He’s also really good at pre-empting when he, or someone else, is leaving and will do the whole waving, saying bye and kiss thing. On Saturday when we went to Croome for a Mother’s Day outing he started waving to everyone in the cafe as he exited as if he was Justin Bieber about to leave the stage, bless him!

I’ll skip over the ‘day job’ stuff. Too many potential complications. But after attending a trade show yesterday it was very much a regroup, sort myself out and get back on track day.

I realised that I had forgotten to ask mom to babysit Elliott whilst we attend his parents evening tomorrow, so put a quick call in to her to ask for help and luckily she’s available. I’ve decided I’m going to hang around at our local shopping centre and then head straight to the parents evening rather than coming home. Elliott seems to get rather attached to me after nursery and doesn’t even like me going into the bedroom to put my slippers on, so I thought trying to leave home might result in a total meltdown which wouldn’t really be fair on him or mom. Besides I have an exciting click and collect to pick up from Paperchase.


I picked Elliott up from nursery this evening. He’s such a monkey. When he first started and I would go to pick him up he would run up to me to be picked up and cuddled. Now? He acknowledges my presence, carries on playing and when I try to pop his hoodie on he runs away! Tonight he even resorted to pushing the toy cooker out from the wall and hiding behind it peek-a-boo style. It’s all done in a very cute and cheeky style by the way. It’s not like he doesn’t actually want to come home. In fact, one of the practitioners told me they noticed he looked a bit sad the other day when they looked across at him. He was sitting in the corner holding a piece of paper. He wasn’t crying but he had tears in his eyes. When they went over to him he was looking at the photograph of me and Mr H with him that we sent in to be part of the nursery’s ‘Family Book’. Heartbreaking and heart-warming all at the same time and proof that even though he does play us up all the bloomin’ time he loves us loads, as we do him.

There was much excitement and amusement from Elliott as we exited the nursery and watched the huge orange TNT lorry reverse into the factory that backs onto his nursery. Tea was fairly sedate. Elliott ate all of his own pizza and some of mine and Mr H’s. Mostly mine. When Mr H offered him thirds (he had already had seconds) Elliott refused and instead pointed to my plate and was happy to take thirds, fourths and even fifths from me. I’m sure he would have had sixths if I’d let him! He’s obviously concerned about me putting on too much weight – ha, ha! Chance would be a fine thing with all the running around and lurgs!

This evening has passed by in a whirlwind. After dinner Elliott wanted to play (or ‘bae’ as he says – too cute!) with his cars. He remembered a game we were playing the other day with two particular cars on his table. Pulling them back and then lifting them up to hear the whirring sound they make as the wheels spin around in the air. I think it’s amazing that he can remember the game and even the exact toys we played with. He also found great amusement in feeding me the chillies from his pretend grocery basket. As he popped one in my mouth I exclaimed, blew out lots of air and started fanning my mouth in a ‘HOT! HOT! HOT!’ style.

I showered whilst Elliott bathed. Fortunately I was fully pampered (well, as fully pampered as any mum ever is) by the time his bedtime came around as he decided he wanted cuddles from me and for me to stay with him whilst he fell asleep. Part of me thinks it’s a bad habit to fall into, me holding his hand whilst he falls asleep. Another part thinks it won’t be forever so I should treasure it. And, an overwhelming large part of me likes the ten minute power nap that I get as I accidentally fall asleep next to him every night.

This followed by a very exciting evening of meal planning and placing the Ocado grocery shop whilst drinking tea and eating biscuits. I wish there was a way of slowing time down, so I actually got round to more of the fun stuff once Elliott has gone to bed, but hey ho… I keep kidding myself that I’ll get around to it once all the ‘essentials’ are taken care of, but that never happens so…

Sorry there’s no photos and apologies for any typos. I just wanted to get today down on paper. Having Elliott has made me realise that every day is special and deserves to be remembered. It’s also taught me that perfection is over rated. One day I hope to be able to look back on this day fondly.


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