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Book Review: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz


So it seems my goal to read 12 books this year and my goal to boost my immunity intertwined with my latest read, as I decided to revisit The Body Book by Cameron DiazThe Body Book by Cameron Diaz.

I originally read this book whilst laying on a sun lounger in Sri Lanka. You can read my original review here. Needless to say A LOT has changed since then!

At first read I loved the book and Cameron’s bubbly tone. This time? It grated a bit. There were too many words – maybe it’s because I’m time poor (or just because I’ve read it before) – but I did think cut the waffle and get to the bloody point woman!

Also, now my body is post-baby and a little (OK, a lot) more squishy I didn’t feel like Diaz was talking to me. This might be my paranoia, or the fact that my life isn’t all about grabbing morning lattes nowadays (these days I drink my coffee black and out of a machine in the kitchen).

You can read my original review here.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links but all views are my own 🙂


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