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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Dad’s and Babies or Toddlers

ALERT! ALERT! It’s Mothering Sunday on 26th March this year (in the UK), so if you haven’t purchased a gift for the mother of your beautiful baby, or crazy toddler yet, here’s some inspiration…



Why not get creative? Teeny tiny tots have teeny tiny hands and feet – just perfect for prints! So whether you head to your local craft centre to get some prints put onto a nice mug or plate, head to Not On The High Street for a fingerprint pendant, or just create a cute Mother’s day card using hand or footprints, you’re sure to be onto a heart-melting winner. Hint! If your tot really is tiny – opt for footprints rather than hand prints as they will be easier to capture.

Cost: Free – £85
Personalised Fingerprint Charm Necklace by Button & Bean, Not on the High Street, £85



Jewellery doesn’t need to be diamond encrusted to be special. In fact, with babies and toddler in tow it’s probably best that it’s not. I adore my Mama necklace from Anna Lou of London. My husband gave it to me as an anniversary gift last year as I wanted something to wear to work to remind me of Elliott (soppy I know). The necklaces are really customisable, enabling you to have any word, a choice of metal finishes (I have rose gold because I’m a blogger cliche) and a choice of chain length.

Personalised handmade name necklace by Anna Lou of London, Not on the High Street, £55



What do mum’s love? Tea, coffee, gin, prosecco… all of which can be drunk out of this beautiful personalised Emma Bridgewater mug. Available in a choice of finishes and sizes, and fully customised with the word of your choice (so it doesn’t matter if you’re a mum, mummy, mom or mama). I’m hoping for one of these for my mother’s day gift. I’m also hoping I get to drink a hot cup of tea out of it on Mother’s Day…and maybe some gin…

Pink Hearts 1/2 Pint Mug Boxed, Emma Bridgewater, £19.95



Maybe not the most original but after years of not knowing what to buy my own mum for Mother’s Day I told Mr H that I wanted to keep it simple for him and Elliott. So I created a list of perfumes that I like, at a range of price points. Each year they can choose a different perfume from the list. Easy for them and means I get to boost my perfume collection too. Last year I got Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker and wearing it just makes me think of fun days out with Elliott – bliss!

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Eau de Parfum, 100ml, £14.99,



Again, not the most original but let’s face it who can resist chocolate! My mum loves the Lily O’Brien ones.


It doesn’t cost a thing, but will mean so much. If you can get your crazy toddler to sit still whilst mummy eats breakfast in bed, even better. If not maybe have an iPad and the Cbeebies app on standby too! Even better, a lay in and then breakfast in bed. Now that really is the stuff of dreams.



If the weather’s good why not pack up a picnic (don’t forget the prosecco and strawberries) and head to a National Trust property or the local park for a spot of al fresco dining. Be prepared to entertain your crazy toddler so mum can enjoy a bit of downtime. If the weather’s not good, the lounge is as good a place for a picnic as any where!



Another, oft overlooked, treat for a mother. We love a good bath, but seldom do we get the chance to indulge and even if we do, sometimes fighting through the sea of bath toys makes the whole experience far from relaxing. Dim the lights, move the toys, get a Lush bath bomb (or bubble bar) and run a nice hot, deep, bath. Add a glass of Prosecco and a trashy magazine and… bliss!



These are EVERYWHERE so I’m not going to dwell on them for too long. But they’re everywhere for a reason because they’re gorgeous and comfy and easy to throw on when you have little ones. Plus any ‘MOTHER’ I know is pretty proud to wear that status emblazoned upon her (now sadly deflated) chest. I also love these.

Mother Boyfriend Sweatshirt, £50, Selfish Mother


If you have a toddler, chances are you enjoy a nightly tipple – just to take the edge off. Whatever her tipple of choice is – Prosecco, Gin, Baileys – it’s sure to go down a treat!



Mother’s Day cliche alert – but you can’t beat a nice bunch of blooms for saying thanks mum. Buy flowers that you know she’ll like rather than trendy ones – it might not be trendy but I think carnations are cute, whereas minimal all-white bouquets do nothing for me. Others will disagree.



Take a look through your wife’s Facebook feed. How many photos are there of you all as a family? In fact, how many photos are there of your wife and your child/children? Probably very few as mum is generally behind the camera/phone. If you can stretch to a professional family photo shoot, great. If not, set the self timer on the camera and get some candid, fun, photos of all the family together. Bonus points if everyone is looking at the camera at the same time!


Whatever you get this mother’s day, the whole point of the day is to make mum feel special and to say thank you for all that she does. You don’t need a gift for that. Just to hear the words ‘thank you for everything you do’ means a lot. Us Mum’s do a lot and when we’re not doing we’re silently thinking about the doing – it’s very tiring and to know it’s appreciated means a lot.




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