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Haul: How we spent our Christmas money

Is it just me, or is Christmas money still a bit of a taboo topic? Everyone gives it; everyone receives it – yet very few seem to talk about it. Strange…

Anyway, here’s how we spent ours this year…

Or at least some of ours. Making this video highlighted the joyous fact that we actually still have some Chrimble money left. Woo-and-bloody-hoo!

If you’d rather read all about it than watch the video, keep scrolling…


Planner stickers – yes, me, a 36-year-old mum, decided to spend around £27 on stickers from Etsy. Will they have the desired effect and make me uber organised? We’ll see…

Money flag stickers, £2.35, Etsy
Gold sparkly heart stickers, Etsy
You Tube video planning stickers, £1.70, Etsy
Blog tracker stickers, £1.70, Etsy
Bathroom duck stickers, £1.50. Etsy
Hydration tracker stickers, £1.99, Etsy
To buy stickers, £1.99, Etsy
To do stickers, £1.99, Etsy
Balloons stickers, £1.99, Etsy
Telephone stickers, £1.99, Etsy
Cupcake stickers, £1.99, Etsy


Sticking (see what I did there!) with the theme of stationery I purchased these gorgeous washi tapes from Paperchase. I’ve used them to decorate my desk calendar at work and think they will come in useful for various toddler boy craft projects too.

Anchors Washi tape, £3.00, Paperchase
Blue Gingham Washi tape, £3.00, Paperchase


I’m a bit obsessed with these Berol Fineline pens – they’re great for writing and doodling with.


Eyelash curlers, lip balm and a new Venus razor – I really know how to treat myself don’t I?

Eyelash curlers, Asda, £4.50 (at time of writing they’re on promotion for £4)
Norwegian formula lip balm, £2.89
Venus Razor, £8.55


A replacement Brita water bottle, which they’ve changed and I’m not keen on the new version – watch the video to find out why!

Brita Fill & Go Water Bottle, £9.99

Want to find out what we’ve spent our joint money and Elliott’s Christmas money on so far? You’ll have to watch the video! 

What did you buy with your Christmas money? Do you have any left?

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