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Elliott’s 18 Month Update – Part 2: Sleep



Elliott’s current bedtime is 8pm and most nights he will sleep from 8pm until 7am the following morning.

Elliott will occasionally wake around 10 or 11pm, generally because he’s lost his dummy,  usually once it’s back in he’s straight back to sleep. Sometimes he isn’t really fully awake anyway – just kind of making disgruntled noises in his sleep!

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes, especially if Elliott is unwell (or sometimes for no reason whatsoever), Elliott will wake in the early hours and decide to stay awake for around an hour. Sometimes he just wants company and someone to stay with him whilst he falls asleep, other times he’s like a toddler possessed and just wants to play, play, play. Thankfully, those incidents are few and far between. Phew!

Elliott has a well-established bed time routine. Bath at around 7pm, then dimmed lights whilst he’s changed into his PJs, before having a 7 or 8 ounce bottle of whole cows milk and some cuddles from daddy. Then he gets cuddles and kisses from both mummy and daddy before being popped in his sleeping bag and drifting off to the land of nod.

I must admit, this last week he has been fighting bed time a little. I’m not sure if it’s the dreaded 18-month sleep regression (although technically Elliott is 19-months now!), teething, or something else, but once he’s finished his bottle he tends to trundle across to me and cling to me like a baby monkey. A bed time book seemed to calm things last night and tonight I’m staying out of the room until the last moment to see if that helps. I’m sure (read: hope) it’s just a phase.


Elliott sleeps in his Ikea cot, in PJs with a summer tog sleeping bag (our apartment is very cosy indeed). I’m not one for fussy cot adornments (far too paranoid about the dangers for that) but he does have a Lamaze Captain Calamari on the side (so he can play with something if he wakes up earlier than we do), a Jellycat penguin which he’s had since day one and a Jellycat monkey which used to be mine but I donated in a moment of motherly adoration (I honestly thought I would be far more protective of my possessions but in reality I’m just like take it, take it all). We use fitted sheets and a mattress protector from Ikea and the mattress itself is from Ikea too. All of which I would highly recommend in terms of cost effectiveness, durability and quality. We still use the our BT baby monitor to listen in. We’re all on one level so we can generally hear if Elliott gets upset, but having the baby monitor means we can get in there sooner preventing total meltdowns (most of the time).


As for day time sleep… Well… Whilst Elliot has always been a good night time sleeper, he’s never been renowned for his day time naps, bless him. That said, pre-Christmas we had a good routine where he would go down just before, during or after lunch for around an hour and a half to two hours. Since the festivities it’s all gone a bit pear shaped for various reasons (baby groups at awkward times, relatives visiting etc…).

Elliott still very much needs a nap, if he has a day without one it can go one of two ways: 1. He’s over tired on the day and impossible to do anything with, or 2. He’s fine on the day but can be a total grump the following day. Neither scenario is much fun for me, so I’m trying to re-establish a napping routine. At nursery he goes down for a nap just after his lunch, so that’s what I’m trying to do at home too. It worked perfectly yesterday as we only had plans for the morning. Today, we had a pub lunch whilst our car was being MOT’d and a delay on our desserts meant pushing Elliott through his normal nap time so he didn’t get down until about 3pm. Tomorrow? Who knows…

Elliott was  previously very good at napping on the fly – catching a quick 40 winks in his buggy whilst I was shopping, for example. But I do get the impression that his longer toddler naps might ground us a bit in terms of afternoon plans. We shall see… Elliott tends to have a dummy for naps and bedtime. We like these MAM ones.

You can read part one of Elliott’s 18-month update here.

Next up, I’ll be looking at a subject close to Elliott’s and my own heart (and stomach) – eating!


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