Diary: 31st March 2017 – Terrible Two’s Rehearsals

I almost forgot to write my diary entry for today. It’s been a bit manic. Not busy manic. Manic, manic.

This morning Elliott treated me to a little lay in and didn’t stir until around 7:20am. Yes, non-parents that is what we class as a lay in the Heathcock household these days! He was perfectly agreeable this morning, choosing his breakfast cereal (Rice Krispies) and eating his breakfast nicely, getting completely absorbed in watching Mr Tumble (what is it about that show that’s so fascinating??) and just generally being cute and adorable.

I should have read the warning signs really. As I popped Elliott’s shoes on ready to go to Rattle & Rhyme at the library this morning he leant into me, grabbed my hand and rested his face in it, one of the indications that Elliott is sleepy. But then he seemed to perk up so I pushed on regardless and, after all, 10:30am is rather early for a nap, right?

Wrong! I so should have stayed home and let Elliott take an early nap. Usually Elliott is really well behaved but when he’s tired he is AWFUL! Honestly, it’s embarrassing. So, today we left halfway through Rattle & Rhyme because Elliott was stealing all the instruments off the other children, terrorising the small babies, doing that weird backwards banana tantrum move and even tried to bite me at one point. Oh joy! I’m sure other parents must think ‘oh just distract him, he’ll be fine’, but when he gets like that there really is no reasoning with him, the only thing that works is sleep.

I headed home and popped Elliott straight down in his cot and it didn’t take him long to settle. Then I cracked on with a massive tidy up of our bedroom. Well, that and I made myself a fresh coffee after Elliott threw a baby wipe in one of my earlier attempts of caffeine refuelling.

My method of tidying up involves creating more mess first and as I didn’t manage to finish the sort out before Elliott woke up I did have to pre-warn Mr H about the state of the bedroom before he got home. He freaked when he saw it. But he’s now safely tucked up in bed beside me and we can see floor and bed and tops of chests of drawers and everything so you can tell how I’ve spent my evening! Not particularly exciting but I’ve been feeling quite anxious recently. I can’t put my finger on why. Whenever I feel like this I find bringing order back into my surroundings calms me down, so I’m hoping this recent tidy up will have me feeling serene in no time.

After Elliott’s nap we had lunch and then played a little with Elliott’s fuzzy felt digger book and his new flash cards. Then Elliott went to grab his shoes, which I took as a cue that he wanted to go out so I took him for a walk. I tried to get him to go in the buggy but it was impossible. Instead he kept hiding underneath the stairs in our communal hallway, much to the amusement of our passing neighbour. Eventually I gave up with the buggy and we just strolled hand-in-hand instead. Well, we did at first. Of course, Elliott got tired of walking pretty quickly so I ended up carrying him. I’ll have arms of steel by the time he’s fully grown!

Our walk wasn’t massively exciting. Along the road, through the churchyard where Elliott blew kisses at all the beautiful flowers, then back onto the road, through the old hospital ground, back through the churchyard and into our estate where we played on the grass at the front for a bit. I say ‘played’ and I say ‘grass’, realistically Elliott decided to stand at the gate and shake it, like a prisoner trying to break free from his cell!

When Mr H got home we headed to get Friday fish and chips. Well, we did, once Elliott had stopped having a strop over absolutely nothing anyway. The fish and chips were delicious and an amazing break from not having to cook and clean up. Even Elliott joined in a bit more with them. In fact, he’s eaten really well today and made sure he’s fed me too. Little sweetheart.

Right now, I’m looking at the pile of things I still have to do. I really want to get them done, but it’s late and I have a busy day tomorrow, so they will have to wait…




Diary: Thursday 30th March 2017

Pours Gin into glass.

Pours a bit more Gin into glass. 

Tops up with Tonic. 

Sits back. 

Opens laptop and…

Aah, Thursday is my last working day of the week so technically this marks the start of my weekend.

Work has felt very odd this week. After weeks of being frantically busy in the build up to a trade event, things feel very quiet in comparison. They’re not. My to-do list still makes me weep, but without that definitive deadline looming in the near future and the stress that comes with that it kind of feels like we’re coasting. I know I should enjoy the relative downtime before the next deadline starts hurtling towards us, but hey I’m a sucker for punishment.

Disturbing news this morning, as a family were stabbed at their home in our ‘hood. I say ‘hood, my local town couldn’t be further from a ‘hood, it’s distinctly middle class and, certainly the area where the attack looks place is affluent, well-kept and, well, not somewhere you expect to be the site of a murder investigation. Such sad and tragic news.

This evening I headed to our local shopping centre straight from work to pick up the scrapbook I had on order with Paperchase. It’s every bit as gorgeous as I’d hoped it would be and a bit more to boot! I also spent some of my birthday money on this amazing candle, before heading to Superdrug to pick up some essentials and popping to Sainsbury’s to pick up some of my favourite wine (Little Penguin Shiraz, in case you’re interested).

Next up was Elliott’s parents evening at nursery, He’s doing brilliantly. Although disappointingly his key worker did mark him down slightly for his speech. She did admit that was just because she hasn’t actually heard him speak much because she’s been away doing paperwork etc… We suggested she talk to him about food as that seems to be his favourite topic at present!

Here’s his overview:

Elliott is a pleasure to have at nursery. He is always smiling and happy. He is developing really well in all areas. He is a quiet boy, but is beginning to copy phrases. He has created a lovely relationship with his new key person and other practitioners in the room. 

We also have his learning journey to look through, which is always cute to see all his photographs, observations and paintings.

Since getting back the night has gone by in a blur. Elliott currently clings to me post bath and won’t even let Mr H give him his bottle (traditionally I do morning duties, Mr H does evening duties). He also wouldn’t go to sleep without me holding his hand, so by the time I had settled him down, eaten my tea and put the Ocado shop away. Well here we are at 10:30pm – feeling anxious about all the stuff I haven’t got around to doing.

Diary: Wednesday 29th March 2017


Today officially marks the start of Brexit. Scary times – potentially. At the end of the day, nobody really knows what Brexit is going to bring. Probably more scare-mongering and sexist headlines from the Daily Mail, but I think that was a given regardless of us deciding to leave Europe. I must admit I’m nervous. I voted to stay. Europe is all I’ve ever known and, whilst I’m proud to say I’m British/English. I am also proud to say I am an European. Or, I was, at least…

Whenever I used to visit ‘the continent’ (as my grandparents used to call it) I used to be amazed by how much more advanced they were than us in terms of transportation, environmental issues and work/life balance. I always thought that being part of Europe would mean some of this would rub off on us and it slowly has. I’m sure it still will. After all, article 50, or no article 50 we’re pretty close neighbours.

There’s certainly uncertainty in the air (see what I did there..?). We’re hoping to move soon, so I do wonder how this will affect house prices, mortgage rates and all that jazz. Then there’s job security to think about too… But is it really any worse that if we had stayed with Europe? After all the banking crisis took us all by surprise and would have rocked our foundations regardless of our unity with our neighbours.

I don’t really have any deep political thoughts about this. I don’t really have any deep political thoughts about anything these days. I rarely have time to watch the news and, even when I do, it’s quick snatches of dumbed-down headlines on Sky. I do miss reading some of the analysis articles in the Sunday newspapers, but I think I would struggle to concentrate on them now anyway. My attention span has become so poor recently that I often have to read aloud just to keep my own attention! It’s terrible, but that’s what having a crazy toddler does for you.

So, today, along with Brexit I was thinking about this blog and my plans for the future with it. One thing I realised is that I really wanted to start using it as a bit of a daily diary too. An opportunity to keep track of all things ‘us’ and Elliott. I still want to blog and vlog parenting and hauls and all the other stuff. But I also want to record memories to look back on in years to come – the story behind the Instagram photos, if you will. In time I’m sure I will move these to a separate section of the blog. But, alas, I’m time short and bursting with ideas so that will have to wait for now. Here’s what today gave me, apart from Brexit fever…

Elliott woke up in such a good mood this morning. He was literally standing up in his cot (still wearing his sleeping bag) when I went in to him. We ran through our normal morning routine and he was as pleasant as any toddler can be when they don’t want to get dressed, or have their teeth brushed, or get dressed…

This morning’s episode of Postman Pat featured a cameo performance from Professor Brian Cox as part of the BBC’s Stargazing Live season. I loved the tongue-in-cheek ‘chemistry’ between Professor Brian Cox and the teacher (no idea what her name is, sorry!). Rather amusing.

Mr H did nursery drop-off allowing me some time to do my slap. Elliott is getting so cute at saying ‘bye’ now. He does it in some kind of Texan drawl – think Beyonce in Sorry. He’s also really good at pre-empting when he, or someone else, is leaving and will do the whole waving, saying bye and kiss thing. On Saturday when we went to Croome for a Mother’s Day outing he started waving to everyone in the cafe as he exited as if he was Justin Bieber about to leave the stage, bless him!

I’ll skip over the ‘day job’ stuff. Too many potential complications. But after attending a trade show yesterday it was very much a regroup, sort myself out and get back on track day.

I realised that I had forgotten to ask mom to babysit Elliott whilst we attend his parents evening tomorrow, so put a quick call in to her to ask for help and luckily she’s available. I’ve decided I’m going to hang around at our local shopping centre and then head straight to the parents evening rather than coming home. Elliott seems to get rather attached to me after nursery and doesn’t even like me going into the bedroom to put my slippers on, so I thought trying to leave home might result in a total meltdown which wouldn’t really be fair on him or mom. Besides I have an exciting click and collect to pick up from Paperchase.


I picked Elliott up from nursery this evening. He’s such a monkey. When he first started and I would go to pick him up he would run up to me to be picked up and cuddled. Now? He acknowledges my presence, carries on playing and when I try to pop his hoodie on he runs away! Tonight he even resorted to pushing the toy cooker out from the wall and hiding behind it peek-a-boo style. It’s all done in a very cute and cheeky style by the way. It’s not like he doesn’t actually want to come home. In fact, one of the practitioners told me they noticed he looked a bit sad the other day when they looked across at him. He was sitting in the corner holding a piece of paper. He wasn’t crying but he had tears in his eyes. When they went over to him he was looking at the photograph of me and Mr H with him that we sent in to be part of the nursery’s ‘Family Book’. Heartbreaking and heart-warming all at the same time and proof that even though he does play us up all the bloomin’ time he loves us loads, as we do him.

There was much excitement and amusement from Elliott as we exited the nursery and watched the huge orange TNT lorry reverse into the factory that backs onto his nursery. Tea was fairly sedate. Elliott ate all of his own pizza and some of mine and Mr H’s. Mostly mine. When Mr H offered him thirds (he had already had seconds) Elliott refused and instead pointed to my plate and was happy to take thirds, fourths and even fifths from me. I’m sure he would have had sixths if I’d let him! He’s obviously concerned about me putting on too much weight – ha, ha! Chance would be a fine thing with all the running around and lurgs!

This evening has passed by in a whirlwind. After dinner Elliott wanted to play (or ‘bae’ as he says – too cute!) with his cars. He remembered a game we were playing the other day with two particular cars on his table. Pulling them back and then lifting them up to hear the whirring sound they make as the wheels spin around in the air. I think it’s amazing that he can remember the game and even the exact toys we played with. He also found great amusement in feeding me the chillies from his pretend grocery basket. As he popped one in my mouth I exclaimed, blew out lots of air and started fanning my mouth in a ‘HOT! HOT! HOT!’ style.

I showered whilst Elliott bathed. Fortunately I was fully pampered (well, as fully pampered as any mum ever is) by the time his bedtime came around as he decided he wanted cuddles from me and for me to stay with him whilst he fell asleep. Part of me thinks it’s a bad habit to fall into, me holding his hand whilst he falls asleep. Another part thinks it won’t be forever so I should treasure it. And, an overwhelming large part of me likes the ten minute power nap that I get as I accidentally fall asleep next to him every night.

This followed by a very exciting evening of meal planning and placing the Ocado grocery shop whilst drinking tea and eating biscuits. I wish there was a way of slowing time down, so I actually got round to more of the fun stuff once Elliott has gone to bed, but hey ho… I keep kidding myself that I’ll get around to it once all the ‘essentials’ are taken care of, but that never happens so…

Sorry there’s no photos and apologies for any typos. I just wanted to get today down on paper. Having Elliott has made me realise that every day is special and deserves to be remembered. It’s also taught me that perfection is over rated. One day I hope to be able to look back on this day fondly.

Elliott’s 18 Month Update – Part 3: Eating


Myself and Hubby are both known as the foodies of the family. Not in the sense that we will only eat the finest grass-fed foie gras, more because we just love our blooming food and lots of it – it’s a good job we have fast metabolisms! Obviously everyone expected Elliott to follow suit and he pretty much has, although being a toddler he swings from being a gannet, to being off his food faster than the Octonauts can dive to the bottom of the ocean.

A typical day at home will look like this…

7:15am – 70z bottle of cows milk

8am – Breakfast, usually cereal or porridge with fruit and toast. Elliott’s favourite cereals are Weetabix and Rice Krispies.

10:30am – Morning snack, this tends to be a banana, or a slice of fruit toast. If we’re out and about it might be an Organix-y style toddler snack (Elliott is particularly into these gingerbread men at the moment).

12pm – Lunch, normally an omelette, or a sandwich or wrap with a side salad and some toddler crisps. Followed by fruit, a jelly or a yoghurt.

3:30pm – Afternoon snack, this might be fruit, a packaged toddler snack, Dairylea on crackers, or Almond butter on rice cakes.


6pm – Dinner (or ‘TEA’ as Elliott likes to screech as he runs excitedly towards his high chair (that’s what us Black Country types refer to dinner as)),  very occasionally Elliott will have a pre-packaged Hipp meal (generally if mummy and daddy want to eat something grown-up (like take out, or steak and chips) for dinner later.) Normally it’s just a smaller version of what we’re having for dinner, so maybe stir fry, stew, sausages and mash with vegetables, pasta… Elliott loves lasagne and seems quite partial to a chicken korma too. He also loves tofu! If it’s a work night it has to be something quick, so it’s often pasta, microwave jacket potatoes, or vegetable topped pizza. This is generally followed by fruit, jelly, a yoghurt, banana (or cake) and custard, or this healthy chocolate mousse.

7:30pm – 7 or 8 ounce bottle of whole cows milk.

Elliott eats well when he’s at nursery. The portions they give there are huge and Elliott frequently polishes them off, sometimes having seconds! I’ve also noticed he will eat certain foods (especially fruits) at nursery which he won’t eat at home! Sneaky thing!

At home Elliott eats with us at the table, we strap him in his Ikea high chair. We used to be able to just pop him in, but his middle name may as well be Houdini at the moment so he has to be restrained to prevent him from escaping! He eats really well with either a spoon or fork. He does have a tendency to throw food if he’s tired, or if he’s had enough and we haven’t noticed. Although, thankfully, this does seem to be a phase that is starting to pass. There’s only so many times you can cope with having a flying banana land in your lap part way through breakfast. At nursery he sits on a little chair at a little table surrounded by his other older toddler friends – so cute!

We use the plastic cutlery and plates and bowls from Ikea. You know, the ones that everyone has and an assortment of bibs from Tommee Tippee, Ikea and elsewhere. We find these ones from Tommee Tippee to be the best.

In terms of drinking Elliott goes through phases, both in terms of how much water he will drink and which cup he wants to drink out of. I’ll do a blog post about the various cups we’ve been through another time – that’s an epic blog post in itself!

I do find it hard to come up with inspiration for new meals for Elliott and it can be disheartening when I do try something new and he doesn’t like it, so if anyone has any fool proof toddler recipes to recommend, please leave your links in the comments below.

You can read part one of Elliott’s 18-month (routine) here and part two (sleep) here.


Book Review: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz


So it seems my goal to read 12 books this year and my goal to boost my immunity intertwined with my latest read, as I decided to revisit The Body Book by Cameron DiazThe Body Book by Cameron Diaz.

I originally read this book whilst laying on a sun lounger in Sri Lanka. You can read my original review here. Needless to say A LOT has changed since then!

At first read I loved the book and Cameron’s bubbly tone. This time? It grated a bit. There were too many words – maybe it’s because I’m time poor (or just because I’ve read it before) – but I did think cut the waffle and get to the bloody point woman!

Also, now my body is post-baby and a little (OK, a lot) more squishy I didn’t feel like Diaz was talking to me. This might be my paranoia, or the fact that my life isn’t all about grabbing morning lattes nowadays (these days I drink my coffee black and out of a machine in the kitchen).

You can read my original review here.

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Toddler Morning Routine – 20 months

A while back I wrote about Elliott’s routine and mentioned I would try to make a video to accompany it. Well, it’s taken a while (and this is only his morning routine) but here it is…

This video also goes by the name of ‘why it takes so long to get to the park’. Seriously toddler procrastination is something else. I had to edit loads out and yet there’s still plenty that remains.

Hope you enjoy.

What’s your morning routine?

Also – any tips for capturing toddlers at nappy change time?

Elliott’s Favourite Toddler Books – 20 months

Elliott loves books and, as a (sadly lapsed) bookworm myself I am so pleased! Find out what books he’s loving at the moment in this video…

Apologies it gets a bit garbled towards the end, I’d had a migrainey week so was still a bit fuzzy! Thanks for watching 🙂

You can find the books here:

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Incy Wincy Spider

How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers

Sometimes by Emma Dodd

Stepping out Together Road Safety Book

Information about Bookstart

Rabbit’s Nap – Tales from Acorn Wood by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Postman Bear – Tales from Acorn Wood by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Star Wars: Epic Yarns – A New Hope by Wang

Huckleberry Finn by Wang

Rocket Racers by Steve Webb

What books should we add to our collection?

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Dad’s and Babies or Toddlers

ALERT! ALERT! It’s Mothering Sunday on 26th March this year (in the UK), so if you haven’t purchased a gift for the mother of your beautiful baby, or crazy toddler yet, here’s some inspiration…



Why not get creative? Teeny tiny tots have teeny tiny hands and feet – just perfect for prints! So whether you head to your local craft centre to get some prints put onto a nice mug or plate, head to Not On The High Street for a fingerprint pendant, or just create a cute Mother’s day card using hand or footprints, you’re sure to be onto a heart-melting winner. Hint! If your tot really is tiny – opt for footprints rather than hand prints as they will be easier to capture.

Cost: Free – £85
Personalised Fingerprint Charm Necklace by Button & Bean, Not on the High Street, £85



Jewellery doesn’t need to be diamond encrusted to be special. In fact, with babies and toddler in tow it’s probably best that it’s not. I adore my Mama necklace from Anna Lou of London. My husband gave it to me as an anniversary gift last year as I wanted something to wear to work to remind me of Elliott (soppy I know). The necklaces are really customisable, enabling you to have any word, a choice of metal finishes (I have rose gold because I’m a blogger cliche) and a choice of chain length.

Personalised handmade name necklace by Anna Lou of London, Not on the High Street, £55



What do mum’s love? Tea, coffee, gin, prosecco… all of which can be drunk out of this beautiful personalised Emma Bridgewater mug. Available in a choice of finishes and sizes, and fully customised with the word of your choice (so it doesn’t matter if you’re a mum, mummy, mom or mama). I’m hoping for one of these for my mother’s day gift. I’m also hoping I get to drink a hot cup of tea out of it on Mother’s Day…and maybe some gin…

Pink Hearts 1/2 Pint Mug Boxed, Emma Bridgewater, £19.95



Maybe not the most original but after years of not knowing what to buy my own mum for Mother’s Day I told Mr H that I wanted to keep it simple for him and Elliott. So I created a list of perfumes that I like, at a range of price points. Each year they can choose a different perfume from the list. Easy for them and means I get to boost my perfume collection too. Last year I got Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker and wearing it just makes me think of fun days out with Elliott – bliss!

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Eau de Parfum, 100ml, £14.99, Amazon.co.uk



Again, not the most original but let’s face it who can resist chocolate! My mum loves the Lily O’Brien ones.


It doesn’t cost a thing, but will mean so much. If you can get your crazy toddler to sit still whilst mummy eats breakfast in bed, even better. If not maybe have an iPad and the Cbeebies app on standby too! Even better, a lay in and then breakfast in bed. Now that really is the stuff of dreams.



If the weather’s good why not pack up a picnic (don’t forget the prosecco and strawberries) and head to a National Trust property or the local park for a spot of al fresco dining. Be prepared to entertain your crazy toddler so mum can enjoy a bit of downtime. If the weather’s not good, the lounge is as good a place for a picnic as any where!



Another, oft overlooked, treat for a mother. We love a good bath, but seldom do we get the chance to indulge and even if we do, sometimes fighting through the sea of bath toys makes the whole experience far from relaxing. Dim the lights, move the toys, get a Lush bath bomb (or bubble bar) and run a nice hot, deep, bath. Add a glass of Prosecco and a trashy magazine and… bliss!



These are EVERYWHERE so I’m not going to dwell on them for too long. But they’re everywhere for a reason because they’re gorgeous and comfy and easy to throw on when you have little ones. Plus any ‘MOTHER’ I know is pretty proud to wear that status emblazoned upon her (now sadly deflated) chest. I also love these.

Mother Boyfriend Sweatshirt, £50, Selfish Mother


If you have a toddler, chances are you enjoy a nightly tipple – just to take the edge off. Whatever her tipple of choice is – Prosecco, Gin, Baileys – it’s sure to go down a treat!



Mother’s Day cliche alert – but you can’t beat a nice bunch of blooms for saying thanks mum. Buy flowers that you know she’ll like rather than trendy ones – it might not be trendy but I think carnations are cute, whereas minimal all-white bouquets do nothing for me. Others will disagree.



Take a look through your wife’s Facebook feed. How many photos are there of you all as a family? In fact, how many photos are there of your wife and your child/children? Probably very few as mum is generally behind the camera/phone. If you can stretch to a professional family photo shoot, great. If not, set the self timer on the camera and get some candid, fun, photos of all the family together. Bonus points if everyone is looking at the camera at the same time!


Whatever you get this mother’s day, the whole point of the day is to make mum feel special and to say thank you for all that she does. You don’t need a gift for that. Just to hear the words ‘thank you for everything you do’ means a lot. Us Mum’s do a lot and when we’re not doing we’re silently thinking about the doing – it’s very tiring and to know it’s appreciated means a lot.



Sunday Digest: 12th March 2017

This week we…


Took a moment to appreciate the fact that things do get easier.


Boosted our part-time income with some free groceries, thanks to Shopmium.


Looked back on how we spent our Christmas money.

Remembered what was so fab about February.


Looked forward to my upcoming birthday!

Flashback to Tuesday when I took all the drugs & was off my face 💊😬 but had to be due to horrible hurty ears.

A post shared by Samantha Heathcock (@samheathcock) on

Took ALL the drugs. Bloomin’ blocked eustachian tubes!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 16.02.05

Panicked that Elliott had Chicken Pox, he didn’t, thankfully!

Played football in our communal gardens, who say’s there aren’t advantages to apartment living with a toddler?

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 15.56.23

Had a rock and roll Friday night in.

Got hooked on Celebs Go Dating.

Enjoyed having curly hair. One of the advantages of my post-pregnancy hair loss is that I can curl my hair more easily. Every cloud and all that…

How was your week?

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February Favourites

Here’s what I’ve been loving during the month of February…

In video form…

Or if you’d rather read all about it…


Getting chance to paint my nails TWICE with these brilliant nail polishes.

Rimmell, 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in Berries & Cream, £2.99, Boots
Rimmell, 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in Etheral, £2.99, Boots

Long-lasting, with a super big brush for easy application and a fast drying formulation. Love it!


La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector, 15ml, £9.50, Boots

Great at reducing redness and helping to settle acne prone skin.


Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray, £23.50, Debenhams

I have a little rant about the packaging on my video, but upon clicking through to the Debenhams website, I see they’ve changed it – yay! This is invaluable in keeping make-up on my super-oily skin!


Berol Fineliner pens, £5.62 for 12, Amazon.co.uk

I just love the way these write.

Going to see Trainspotting on date night!

Watching ALL the trash, especially Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Hay U.


Listening to sweary music (and Keeping Up With the Kardashians) on my wireless headphones I had for Christmas.

Sony Extra Bass XB65oBT Wireless Over Ear Headphones in Blue, £84.08, Amazon.co.uk

My lovely mom helping us out by cleaning our apartment, thank you mom.

Light mornings and nights – spring is on its way!

Watching Parents for Idiots – a must see for all parents of toddlers!

Watching GIRLS – super-weird, super-compelling, super-sad it’s the last season.

Being well – at last! 


Elliott being super chatty – he now says ‘yeah, no, bowl, spoon, baa, moo, oink, sss, crispies, sit down, there it is, mummy, daddy, nanny, tea, biscuits, bib, cat, car, woof’ and a host of other words and phrases. So cute.

Elliott amazing us all the time – I wrote more about that here.

What were you loving in February?