All Those 2016 Celebrity Deaths…

I appreciate this post is late. Call me tardy if you want, but 2016 me is still playing catch up with 2017. Or is it the other way around, I’m not sure…

Regardless, what happened in 2016?

A severe case of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ saw us losing some of our greatest and most talented performers.

Granted, people die everyday. Good people who have toiled and worked hard all their life. Who have raised families and spread joy. But nothing brings home the reality of death more so than a celebrity death. The death of an actor you grew up watching. The death of a singer taken too soon. You may not know them in person but they’ve still touched your life in some way. You still feel some sense of grief and injustice, no matter how brief or fleeting.

In terms of celebrity deaths 2016 was, well, ridiculous. At one point I was scared to check Sky News in case someone else had passed away. A case of every time a TV news channel is turned on an angel gets its wings!

It would be all too easy to be all doom and gloom about it. But as I’m all about accentuating the positives, what can we take from the fact that so many famous faces left us in 2016…

Put simply… we are all going to die. Regardless of whether we have fame or fortune; regardless of how healthy we are, or how often we go out running; regardless of age or social class, size or gender. We are all going to die. Eek! You say, I thought this wasn’t going to be all doom and gloom..? Bear with me…

Yes, we are all going to die, and do you know what that means? It means we should live. It means we should live as if today was our last. We should embrace the fun times and worry less about the pile of washing up. We should laugh – often – like, really often. We should tell our friends and family that we love them, hug them that little bit longer. Go for that walk in the park and kick the leaves. Splash in those puddles. Take that trip we’ve been meaning to take. Eat the pudding. Take action towards that thing we want to achieve, you know, that idea you’ve got that you feel a bit silly about, but if it ever came off it would be amazing – just do it! We should kiss passionately. Sing – regardless of whether we can or not. Dance with the same self-consciousness as a toddler (i.e. none). Life isn’t always going to be easy. Life isn’t always going to be fun. But there’s also no guarantees that life is going to be long either. So live it whilst you can… Thank you George, Carrie, David et al for reminding us of that. Hope you’re having the most amazing after-party wherever you are…




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