Diary: A day of firsts

Written on Saturday 18th February 2017

Funnily enough I’ve been trying to write a post about toddler milestones for Elliott’s 18-month update (he’ll be 21 by the time I get it finished at this rate and I don’t mean 21 months!). Anyway, I’ve been really struggling to think of what the milestones are for a toddler. They’re certainly less obvious than for a baby.

Then, we go and have a day packed full of firsts. Sadly there’s noΒ photos (how exactly do people manage to take pictures, carry shopping and hold onto an unruly toddler??) but anyway here’s what’s gone down…

We tried these protein packed banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. At first Elliott shook his head and refused to try them, but after a bit of encouragement and him clocking the looks on our faces as we joyfully devoured them he got stuck in. They’re delish and a great way of adding protein to your toddlers diet if your little one is a total carb fiend like Elliott.

Elliott stroked an owl! They’ve started having weekly markets in our local town on a weekend and one of the stalls today was one of those where there’s lots of owls (great description, I know). We showed Elliott the owls on our way into town and he was a bit ‘whatever’ – probably because the owls weren’t moving very much so he didn’t really know what he was looking at. On our way back out of town I had taken Elliott out of his buggy whilst daddy purchased some essentials from a market stall (double chocolate brownies, natch!) as we walked past the owls we stopped to take another look. This time Elliott was on the same level as one of the larger owls who was resting on a perch/log (I’m so rubbish with nature stuff) on the floor. Elliott was so intrigued he pointed and smiled and waved and then started walking towards the owl. I held onto Elliott, after all you never quite know what a toddler is going to do, but Elliott just gently stroked the owl on the chest. I was so proud of him for being so gentle and kind and also so brave.

So, Elliott was out of his buggy and we decided to keep it that way as we walked home. Give him chance to burn off some excess energy so he could have a good nap after lunch. We can always pop him back in the buggy when he gets tired. Scratch that. Change it to if he gets tired. Elliott managed to walk all the way home from town. Admittedly that is only a third of a mile, but when you’re as little as Elliott that must seem like a very long way indeed. He also behaved really well as he walked, holding my hand and happily pointing at me and Mr H smiling and saying ‘Mummy!’ and ‘Daddy!’ respectively.

Elliott also had his first bagel for lunch, which he loved. Probably because it was smothered in cream cheese.

Another first. We eventually got rid of his bath seat! He’s probably been a little old for it for a while, but it still fitted and gave us some degree of sanity when bathing him. Today we swapped it for a bath mat and half expected a bath time meltdown, what with the whole change thing and everything. Elliott did look slightly perplexed, but he sat still and enjoyed being able to swish the water around more easily. He was even sensible enough to ask me to pass a bath toy back to him when it had moved out of reach.

Just goes to show. When you think you’ve seen it all, these little ones amaze you every single bloomin’ day. Elliott, mate, you’re an absolute star and mummy and daddy adore you.


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