If you want something done – ask a mum!


Back in the day I used to struggle to get to work for 9am.

Seriously, I did…

It makes me laugh now.

I only had myself to look after and I only worked two miles up the road, but that struggle of getting out from a cosy bed, washed, dressed, ready, in the car and to the office just seemed impossible. After all, I wasn’t a morning person and I was so tired…

Tired..? Tired..? I didn’t know the meaning of the word. Even when I think I’m tired now, I’m not really. Not in comparison to the *whispers* newborn days…

I now start work at 8:30am (awaits an audible gasp from anyone who knew me BC (Before Child)) and yet still manage to get a gazillion things done before I arrive in the office.

The other morning I…

  • Woke up and turned off my multiple alarms – safety in numbers!
  • Showered, brushed my teeth – the essentials…
  • Got dressed
  • Removed my old nail polish
  • Tidied the bedroom
  • Put some towels into the washing machine
  • Woke Elliott up
  • Waited for him to do his morning poop – he literally stands there in his cot making eye contact with me whilst he fills his nappy – charming!
  • Changed Elliott’s nappy
  • Warmed Elliott’s milk and fed it to him (he still likes me to feed it to him rather than holding the bottle himself – I don’t mind as he’s massively independent in other areas)
  • Brushed Elliott’s teeth
  • Got Elliott washed and dressed
  • Tidied up and locked down the apartment
  • Put Elliott’s shoes on – this sounds like an insignificant task but it can take forever
  • Helped Elliott walk down two flights of stairs to the car
  • Wrestled Elliott into his car seat
  • Put Elliott’s shoe back on as a result of above wrestling
  • Drove to nursery
  • Did the nursery drop off – there was a tense moment when Elliott delayed sitting down to have his breakfast, but we got there
  • Headed to Sainsbury’s to pick up tissues, washing liquid and ladies supplies
  • Drove to work
  • AND still got into the office before 8:30am

Granted, not every morning goes as smoothly as this. But that’s besides the point. I am super-proud of myself for being able to fit this all in pre-work, especially given my BC tendencies.

Sometimes you’ve gotta celebrate the small victories!



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