Diary: Date Night – Mission Accomplished


Last night Mr H and I managed our first date night of 2017. Well, actually, our first date night for a very long time. We did have one planned in for January but I was ill (not that I like to harp on about it) so we had to cancel.

Yup, yesterday my mom came over to look after a sleeping Elliott whilst hubby and I headed to our local cinema to see Trainspotting 2. I even put on a fresh face of make-up for the occasion and changed out of my toddler slobbered on attire into something clean! Wowsers!

At first it was really strange even being in the car without Elliott. We’re so used to constantly checking on him in his car seat. Has he gone to sleep? Is he OK? Is he about to wang his dummy somewhere unreachable?

When we arrived at the cinema (early – we were going to make the most of our hours sans toddler) we headed to Costa for a (decaf) coffee. We automatically chose a large table as we’re so used to having to unpack snacks, entertainment, baby wipes, etc… etc… When I stood up from the table I picked up my clutch bag and looked around to make sure we hadn’t left anything behind. I was so not used to traveling light.

The film itself (accompanied by popcorn, obvs) was brilliant. A sequel always makes you a bit anxious – will they be able to do the original film justice – especially with a film as iconic as Trainspotting? But by golly they did. The references to the previous film were brilliant. You cared for and hated the characters in equal measure. There were tense moment, clever moments and the usual bonkers moments that you would come to expect from a film full of friends whose only real bond is Heroin. We both loved it and have been talking about it non-stop today – always the sign of a good film or TV show in our house. We’ve also been singing various songs from the soundtrack, especially this one and this one (Elliott is also loving this one).

Elliott was a star pupil for his nan too, not waking at all whilst she read her book and waited for us to get home.

I’ll admit we’re not usually a ‘date night’ couple. Pre-kids we didn’t see that we needed a special night for ‘us’, we just went out when we wanted to. Now babysitters have to booked in advance so it makes just popping to Pizza Express a little more problematic.

Last night did us the world of good. The opportunity to be husband and wife, rather than mummy and daddy. Sure, we talked about Elliott loads – he’s our absolute world, so we were always going to.

One sure sign that regular date nights are needed is the fact that despite not getting to bed  until 1am last night and waking at 7am this morning to the sound of Elliott going “Mummy? Daddy?”  we were actually more refreshed than if we had a night in front of the TV.

Now to plan our next date night, my birthday night out!

Choose life. Choose date night.


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