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Again, I know! I’m so far behind that it’s a tadge late to be reflecting upon last year, but I didn’t want to zoom into 2017 (fat chance of that) without reflecting back on the year that was. The year that saw all this happen…


Once we had found homes for all the gifts that Elliott received for his first Christmas we set to weaning. Elliott wasn’t too sure about his first taste of baby rice and I wasn’t too certain whether to go with Baby Led Weaning or the more traditional purees. It wasn’t long until little man was chowing down on toast, as well as enjoying mushed up food -phew! What’s the saying? It always seems impossible until it’s done!

EVACUATE! EVACUATE! Serioisly renaming this the JumperPOO! πŸ˜·πŸ’©

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Elliott adored bouncing around in his Jumperoo (a gift from Santa for Christmas) soon renamed the Pooperoo due to its ability to induce poo which wouldΒ then splat upwards mid-bounce. Oh, the babygrows we lost to that Jumperoo!

I also commenced the first of many sort outs. More on that later…

AND, we trialled our first Rhythm Time class. We liked it, but didn’t love it, so alas didn’t return.


February was all about snuggles. How I miss those days when Elliott would nap next to me on the bed. Now if I try he wriggles around like a mad thing and tries to dive off the side of the bed. Spirited… is the word I think…

We also got into buggy wars with our apartment block owners. Tsk! Ironically I’m now a dab hand at putting the buggy away and carrying lots of shopping and a toddler up two flights of stairs but at the time this seemed impossible and so I had to leave the buggy downstairs on occasion and wait until a suitable nap time to go and pop it into the car. Apparently temporarily keeping the buggy in the entrance hallway (tucked under the stairs and out of the way) was a fire risk… I contemplated buying a fire extinguisher to keep next to it, but didn’t think the buildings owners would see the funny side.

We battled with naps.

We enjoyed Baby Sensory.

We went to Oswestry for the day and found this fabulous family friendly cafe.

We visited the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham and the Sea Life centre.

Yay! Elliott has learnt to clap πŸ‘ #elliott #babyspam #proudmama

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Elliott learned to clap and received his first Bookstart certificate from the library (I’ve been rubbish at keeping up with the stamps recently – oops!)

Baby brain was still in full effect … still is!


Hey there Mr Bunny 🐰 #LittleOwlFarm #latergram #elliott #babyspam

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My birthday month, so I used having a toddler as an excuse to go to a petting farm for the day. So much fun!

Fun at the park yesterday #babyspam #elliott

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March also saw the start of many trips to the park. I mean we had been before obviously, but now Elliott was more in control of his body it meant we got to go on the swings and things – woo hoo!

I also celebrated my first Mothering Sunday but that was a bit of a disaster so let’s move on to…


Elliott met his second cousin (who is a month younger than him) for the first time.

Chilling out in the v warm sensory room with Mr Elliott earlier. πŸ’•

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He got to exploring the sensory room the Children’s Centre – when we had been previously I hadn’t quite understood why there were baskets of pine cones and stuff. Eight months into the parenting malarky and I finally understood and Elliott finally wanted to explore!

Clear out part two began with earnest after having read that Marie Kondo book.

I completed my first KIT (keeping in touch) day at work. It was weird, but I didn’t hate it!


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BHS, who hubby was working for at the time, went into administration! Argh!

We went on a soft play frenzy.


Daddy’s birthday – so we used having a baby as an excuse to head to the zoo for the day!

Elliott also found his own unique style of crawling. #commandocrawl

Fun in the sun with this little one 🌾

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We headed to Bewdley for the day and sat out by the river.

We headed to Telford for the day and Elliott refused to put thisΒ book back in WHSmith. It’s still one of his favourites now!


Ah, how I miss the summer months of 2016. Kind of. They were so blooming warm that on the one hand it was lovely to get out and about and on the other hand you kind of had to get out and about and under the shade of a tree because it was schorchio!

We headed to an NCT party in the park.

Continued with the KonMari and the baby brain!

Went to Worcester.

Enjoyed messy play and birthday parties.

Elliott even supported England – albeit for a short time!

We went to the Baby Festival at Himley and trialled Moo Music.

We got our first ever flat tyre on the car, which turned into the perfect excuse for a pub lunch whilst we waited for it to be fixed!


Elliott’s birthday month and we headed to Devon with family to celebrate. Unfortunately ElliottΒ was really poorly for it (we had to take him to the Urgent Care Centre twice!) and so the celebrations didn’t pan out how we had imagined at all. We managed soft play and a train ride at Pecorama and a bit of time on the beach the day after his birthday, but that was about it… Also fitting in the needs of a baby around a holiday with other family proved a challenge too…We drank some nice champagne though.

Also the month our washing machine decided to break… Argh!

But we did have a nice trip to the zoo for my mom’s birthday. Yes, we are obsessed with the zoo… and..?

There were christening parties and birthday parties galore.

Not your average Saturday morning. #Inthenightgardenlive #teammaccapacca

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We went to see In The Night Garden Live.


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Elliott had his next round of injections.

Elliott also started his settling in sessions at nursery. They did not go well to begin with! Fortunately perserverance paid off in the end and he’s now really happy there!


We sold our Corsa and purchased a Qashqai – because we are that much of a middle-class parenting cliche.

Birthday buddies 😍.

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We went to the farm to celebrate Elliott and his NCT buddies first birthday’s.

We spent as much time outside as possible, enjoying the amazing weather.

I appreciated every little moment with Elliott as I prepared to go back to work after 12 amazing months of maternity leave.

Of course, as soon as I was back to work Elliott started getting the nursery health scares. When you’re sitting at your desk at work and the nursery phone number flashes up on your phone, your first thought is ‘I hope he’s OK’, shortly followed by ‘Ah, sh*t, I’m going to have to to go pick him up aren’t I?’.

We also discovered the Toddler Boat Rides at Dudley Canal Trust.

And got our museum on…


Someone's pleased with himself 😍. #Elliott #14months

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Was more of the same really. Rattle & Rhyme. Appreciating time with Elliott. Getting used to things being so manic now I was back to work and, of course, Elliott taking his first steps!


This was Elliott's favourite!

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We headed to the British Motor Museum in celebration of our wedding anniversary. Random choice? Maybe. But we wanted a family day out.

Took daddy along for the ride today πŸ‘ͺ πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’–

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Daddy joined us for a Toddler Boat Ride and down the park.

My 🌍 😍

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Mummy and Daddy even enjoyed date day whilst Elliott was at nursery. Shhh! Don’t tell him!

Hoping for a touch less wind tomorrow

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And then we headed to Devon for a few days. It was so much fun revisiting places we had both visited as children but it was blooming freezing and, alas, the start of many lurgs!

Pumpkin picking is officially my new favourite thing to do. πŸŽƒ

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Then there was pumpkin picking on the farm.


More lurg for me and Elliott’s first ever hair cut #mulletbegone

The mullet is gone πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ #firsthaircut

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We managed some fun activities…

…until the dreaded Hand, Foot & Mouth reared its ugly head (foot & mouth).


Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Elliott saw Santa at the Safari Park, at nursery, at the library and at Webbs.

We went to the Christmas light switch on, and the Christmas Tree Festival.

We went to carols in the park and Elliott took part inΒ his first nativity.

We looked at Christmas trees.

We ate, drank and were merry!

A combination of Vlogmas and being ill almost killed me – lol!


Ah, how I miss the fun-filled days of maternity leave. Writing that post has made me very sentimental indeed!

How was your 2016?

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