My Personal Tribute to George Michael

https://youtu.be/45yionHGVBw Dear Georgie Porgie, I don't mean that in disrespect, in our family it's on odd term of endearment, something we used to call my sister. If there is a heaven then you're there with her now. It's been an age since you passed away on Christmas Day. Did you do that on purpose? To… Continue reading My Personal Tribute to George Michael

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Elliott’s 18 Month Update Part 1 – Routine

WARNING! Super-long post alert. I was orignally going to do a full 18 month update in one post. Then I started typing and couldn't stop. I was going to edit, after all, would anyone actually want to read ALL this? But I stopped myself, because I thought, yes, when Elliott is grown I will want… Continue reading Elliott’s 18 Month Update Part 1 – Routine

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#raiseyourhands for Raynauds Awareness Month

Cold hands; warm heart If I had a pound for every time I've heard that I would be a millionaire. A millionaire with cold hands (and feet) but wealthy┬ánone-the-less. I'm always the one tugging the sleeves down on my cardigan to keep my wrists and hands warm; slipping on my gloves at the slightest hint… Continue reading #raiseyourhands for Raynauds Awareness Month