Discounted In The Night Garden Live Tickets

Going to see In The Night Garden Live was one of our highlights of 2016. The organisation and production was superb. Every little detail had been taken care of – organised buggy parking, tiered seating (with no actual seats), projections all around the auditorium, the fact that even the guy who directed us to our parking space opened with ‘You’re here for In The Night Garden? Iggle Piggle is expecting you’. The production itself was just gorgeous. I actually felt quite emotional watching Elliott watch the characters he loves to see on TV. If I’m honest Elliott was probably a little young for it last year. But this year? Oh my god – this year I am sure he is going to LOVE it – so we just had to get tickets!

If you’re thinking of going – DO! The show runs over the summer in Birmingham, Manchester and London.

Even better, if you book using the following link you’ll get £5 off an order over £60, or 5% off orders under £60. Simply book using this link to take advantage of this special offer:

What are you waiting for?


Vlogged: Our New Year Celebrations


I know, I know! It’s late. Very, very late. I’ve only just got around to editing the footage from our New Year’s Eve spectacular. When I say spectacular I mean hallway raving, breakfast out, ready-meal eating, toddler dancing, bath-time bubbles bonanza. Ah, you’ll see. Hope 2017 is treating you all well so far xx


Be Gone Foul Bug(s)

I’m writing this on a sunny but freezing cold Tuesday. I should be at work, but instead I am sat in a local cafe. I’ve just stuffed my face with scrambled eggs on toast and downed a cappuccino. Elliott is at nursery. I’m not skiving. Although I feel like I am. I am taking some time for me. Some long overdue time for me.

For the past few months (FOUR – not that I’m counting) I have been well for the odd day here and there. It started out with a stinking cold and a nasty cough whilst we were on holiday in Devon, soon followed tonsillitis… Hand, Foot & Mouth… conjunctivitis, flu. You name it I’ve had it.

For the past four months I’ve been in a constant cycle of contracting a bug, feeling awful, trying to battle on, starting to feel a little better, getting other associated ladies issues that happen when you’re run down, contracting another bug, trying to battle on… You get the idea…

I know things could be worse. I could be properly poorly. I could have something terminal or nasty and I should be grateful that I don’t. Maybe I shouldn’t moan. However, feeling consistently poop for four months kind of makes you grumpy and so I feel as though I am entitled to a good moan. At one point I actually thought about stomping into the doctors and demanding anti-biotics or anti-depressants such was my dissatisfaction at being ill a-fucking-gain!

Things came to a head on Sunday when we attempted a family trip to our local shopping centre. I dosed myself up on Cold and Flu tablets and cough mixture before we left, but still I struggled around the shops. I kept coughing. I kept sniffing. My nose streamed every time I bent forward (which with a toddler is often). I didn’t have the energy to try anything on. I was miserable. I was in a mood. I had to get out of there and get back home. I burst out crying and we headed home. I spent the majority of that afternoon asleep on the sofa feeling like a crap mum and a crap excuse of a human being. Extreme? Maybe, but four months of feeling crook can do that to a girl.

I’m trying to do everything I can to feel better. I’ve lost a lot of weight since being ill, so I’m trying to eat more (hence the scrambled eggs on toast), I’m taking Echinacea, a high dose of Vitamin C and pro-biotics. I’ve recently started on the Manuka honey too. I’m getting lots of sleep, fresh air. Not so much on the exercise front but that’s because I can’t stop coughing!

Then it dawned on me. When was the last time I took some time out for me. More than just a couple of hours (and a couple of hours where I invariably wind up doing housework)? Erm, probably June 2015 before Elliott made an appearance. There I was on maternity leave bored out of my mind but too big and bulbous to actually do anything. I remember people telling me to make the most of that time. I remember being glued to the sofa with a sleepy newborn and people telling me to enjoy that time. Now I understand. Having a toddler and being back at work and trying to juggle life is manic! And that’s why I requested leave, not just from work today, but also from life. I just need to be carefree me for a day and see if that helps…

My cappuccino cup is looking decidedly empty so I’m off to buy myself some flowers, head home and curl up with a cup of tea and the Kardashian’s for company.

When was the last time you took some time for you?


Book Review: 50 Things You Need to Know: Brilliantly Behaved Toddler by Lorraine Thomas


Ah, toddler tantrums. Gotta love a good ‘un, eh? Usually in the middle of Tesco as they try to take EVERY box of Matchmakers off the shelf – true story! Then there’s the food throwing, not to mention the desire to play with ANYTHING dangerous over and above their own toys. Oh and don’t get me started on the ‘I want to walk, put me down. No I don’t, pick me up’ hokey pokey!

Does this book help? Is it really 50 things you need to know? Do I now have a brilliantly behaved toddler who has no tantrums?

First up, the book is arranged really well. Chapters are short and punchy, making it easy to dip in and out of during nap times. It does cover a wide spectrum of toddler-hood so whether you have a newbie toddler or one whose getting into their toddler golden years will depend which parts of the book you find most useful. It covers topics including: food, TV, biting, toilet training, independence and social skills, as well as looking at how your parenting style affects your little ones. It also talks about taking time for yourself and what to do in the case of more babies, separation from your partner or a new blended family. It covers a lot of bases and, for that reason, doesn’t go massively in-depth with any of them. That said, it makes it a good way-pointer to discover the areas you need to brush up on. One for me, is taking time for myself which I am rubbish at (but in my defence whenever I try to I wind up being ill instead!).

Chapters all follow the same format, with some body copy on the subject area. A ‘top tips’ type box and a condensed idea at the end of the chapter. I personally loved the condensed idea at the end of the final chapter:

Be a pioneer parent who teaches a toddler not only how to behave, but how to live!-2.png

Whilst not ground-breaking this book is a comfort. If only to understand that everything your toddler is going through – and putting you through – is completely normal. The writing, as with most parenting books, is a little twee in places but it doesn’t talk, down, lecture or boss you around (a la Gina Ford).

The parts I found most useful were understanding why Elliott is doing what he’s doing. It’s so easy to think a toddler is being naughty for the sake of it. But now I understand how short is attention span is and how he is struggling with all these new emotions and doesn’t comprehend that he’s not the centre of the universe it makes those moments of madness a little easier to bear.

It’s also helped in terms of understanding how I communicate to Elliott. After reading this book I’ve been trying to make a clear distinction between Elliott and his behaviour. Elliott isn’t naughty, or unkind (or bat-shit crazy), but sometimes his behaviour is. Apparently it’s important to make this distinction which kind of makes sense. I was always branded as a shy child and that’s what I became. If you keep branding a child as ‘naughty’, well…

I also now try to praise him for specific things so he knows what he’s doing well, rather than using the generic ‘good boy’.

Will reading this book make me into the perfect parent and Elliott into an angel? No, it won’t and that’s partly what the book explains to embrace. Family life is chaos but enjoy it, because soon kids will grow and order will be restored and that will be blooming boring!

A good overview of toddlers and why they do what they do. Handy for a snapshot and pinpointing areas you need help on, but not in-depth enough to sort out all your tantrum woes. I have some other books to read which will hopefully help with that one and until then… there’s always Gin!

Buy 50 Things You Really Need to Know: Brilliantly Behaved Toddler by Lorraine Thomas from Amazon!

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A New Year, A New Video & A New Facebook Page!


Hello there and a BIG, HUGE HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! I do hope you saw 2017 in style, whether that style be a sultry party dress or some comfortable PJs is entirely up to you. I opted for the latter and enjoyed a cosy night in with the hubster. Elliott even came to join us for the midnight fireworks on the telly (quite unintentionally – some local fireworks woke him up). I did video some of our new year’s eve celebrations so I will put that video live as soon as I’ve edited it. I’ve had a slow start to the year on the vlogging and blogging front (as you may tell) but I needed some time to take a step back and organise the crap out of my time. Again, a blog post for another time.

What I really dropped by was to tell you about the new video on my YouTube channel. It’s what Elliott got for Christmas, but it also goes by the name of ‘What happens when you try to film a video with a toddler in tow – A.K.A carnage’. Bless him! If you would care to take a look it’s here:

As always, not boasting. If I was I think I would have purchased Elliott some classy neutral toned wooden toys from John Lewis, rather than a £1.99 light up spinny round thing from Card Factory! I thought it might be quite interesting to film a catch up six months from now to see what Elliott is still playing with. What do you reckon?


Also, I’ve decided that my Facebook friends must be bored of my vlog spamming, blog spamming and toddler spamming them, so I’ve set up a dedicated Facebook page for Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star to at least ease some of the spam for those who aren’t interested and a dedicated hub for those who are. If you’d care to give a it a like you can find it over at