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The Lost #Vlogmas Video – The Christmas Tag

So, how was your Christmas? What did you get? How did you celebrate?

My feet are only just hitting the ground post festivities. I would like to say that’s because I’ve been a social butterfly buoyed along by a whirlwind of family parties and glorious get-togethers. In reality it’s been due to being ill still/again. I visited the doctor about my cough and apparently because it’s just in the top part of my chest I’ve just got to ride it out… :(, I also now have conjunctivitis and, as a result, look like some kind of deranged James Bond villain! Oh the joys. Elliott is also teething and has a bit of a cold which means that rather than do anything exciting he wants to be picked up and carried by me as I go about my daily business. Today I honestly intended to have a fun day out. Instead we ended up going to Sainsbury’s to buy Anbesol, eye drops and a pack of baby vests! Talk about living the high life. To be honest staying in this morning was lovely anyway, what with Elliott stealing my breakfast and dancing around to Robbie’s latest album. I’m also loving Elliott’s insistence on using a coaster for his drink!

Anyway, I digress, the reason for my post is because I’ve finally got around to uploading the final 2016 Vlogmas video. It’s the Christmas Tag filmed on Christmas Eve. So if you want to know what tops our Christmas tree, whether I’m any good at wrapping gifts and what topical place name I can’t pronounce – it’s all here for your viewing pleasure.


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