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Vlogmas – The missing days

Vlogging is hard work!

I know.

I realise that sounds ridiculous. Holding the camera out at arms length and prattling onto it is actually the easy part. Who knew?

Making sure the camera has charge, sorting the editing, getting the damn videos to upload and a whole host of other technicalities make it challenging. Still fun, but challenging. Suffice to say I didn’t fully understand how demanding partaking in Vlogmas would be when I started and had I known I would have definitely been busy preparing some pre-recorded material in advance a la any other You Tuber with an ounce of common sense.

Because it’s been a bit of a whirlwind I missed a few days recently, so I thought I’d update on what I got up to.

Wednesday 14th December

I woke up exhausted. Having taken the day off work on Tuesday to catch up with life and in particular Christmas I had bust a gut to get everything done (and failed), so by Wednesday morning I was seriously running on empty. Needless to say that’s why I didn’t pick up the camera!

It was my first day back in the office and that was busy, busy, busy too.

My tiredness wasn’t helped by Elliott chucking a fair few toddler strops either (I thought it was the terrible two’s not the eek eighteen months?). At the moment he wants to be super-independent. Lovely to see, but not so great when he won’t hold your hand whilst he’s walking up and downstairs. Neither quite so great when you then pick him up and he slaps you around the face! Oh joy!


He did come home from nursery with some lovely artwork on Wednesday evening, so he almost redeemed himself, to be fair if he hadn’t spent so long complaining about absolutely nothing (obviously something to him, but y’know) in the hallway whilst I was trying to cook dinner he would have totally redeemed himself, but as it was, his constant whining meant my brain switched off resulting in me switching on the grill instead of the oven and totally wrecking dinner. Still, it meant me and hubby treated ourselves to Chinese take out later, so every cloud and all that. I spent most of the night falling asleep on the sofa and doing an online Asda grocery shop. Oh the glamour!



Thursday 15th December

Elliott kick-started the day by not wanting to get into the car. He actually walked around to the boot as if to say: “No, mummy. Not the car seat today, you can take me in my buggy.”. I eventually mum-handled him into his car seat and appeased him by leaving him front facing (we have a fancy seat which you can twizzle around). I know rear-facing is safer, but at the moment he makes such a fuss when I just put him in the car that, actually, front facing is far safer for all involved, lest his constant whining distract me from the road. More hand-made goodies from nursery, a productive day at the office, the fact it was my Friday (super short week), no strop when we got home and Domino’s for tea made this a better day. I even had a bit of energy when I got home and managed to tick some things off my to do list – woo hoo!

Friday 16th December

We headed to Rattle & Rhyme at the library. We go every Friday but this Friday was special as Santa was making an appearance. Little did I know today would also be special because it would be the day Elliott would decide to turn the libraries CD player off mid-song. Oh the embarrassment!


Elliott wasn’t too sure about Santa but I guess that’s sensible. We then picked up some bits and bobs from the shops whilst Elliott slept and then I lunched with my mom. Elliott didn’t really want to eat, but did decide to steal one of the crisps from my plate – cheeky monkey.


A cup of tea and a mince pie back at mine before mom headed off and me and Elliott settled down to watch the CBeebies production of the Nutcracker. I think I enjoyed it more than Elliott, although he was quite taken by the dancing teddy bear and did enjoy sitting in his Lego box to watch part of the performance.

That night I caught up with some more admin and editing. Woo hoo I thought I’m making progress. Little did I know that Elliott had a little trick up his sleeve. Waking at 12:30am and then not going back to sleep until 3:30am! Even when he did go to sleep he slept on me in our bed, which meant my sleep was anything but deep and also meant my dreams were filled with adults dressed as babies – seriously weird. Dreaming of Scott Mills wearing a nappy is not a dream I wish to repeat!

Then I woke up and picked up the camera again…

*I paint a poor picture of Elliott here. He’s not that naughty and he’s not whining all the time. It’s just that he has gone from being a pretty much angelic baby to being a curious and boundary pushing toddler which is a bit of a shock to the system!

Here’s a video I made on the same topic…


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