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Elliott’s First Parents Evening Earlier this week I dosed myself up on cold and flu tablets and headed off to Elliott's first ever parents evening. Elliott is 17-months old, rather young to have an official parents evening, I'm sure you will agree. Never-the-less off we trundled to meet Elliott's Key Worker and I'm pleased to report it was… Continue reading Elliott’s First Parents Evening

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Bloody Nursery Germs! Since the start of October I think I have felt well for approximately two days! The remainder of those two months has been spent in a cold or flu induced haze, causing destruction to rainforests as I make my way through countless boxes of Kleenex and mainlining cold and flu tablets as if they’re… Continue reading Bloody Nursery Germs!

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The Little Book of Hygge

Hygge - the art of being cosy and introverted and happy and Danish - is to 2016 what KonMari was to 2015. Minimalism and being kind to your socks (never did get that one) has been replaced by snuggly blankets, warm coffee and cosy socks (that one I do get). And, as with the KonMari… Continue reading The Little Book of Hygge