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No cameras please

I’ve only picked up my camera once today, and that was to format the memory card.

I’m not sure if it’s because a day has been a busy, but wonderful, whirlwind; or because we went swimming this morning and their ban on cameras set me up for the day, but it’s been quite enjoyable to spend a day sans lens.

Elliott allowed us a staggered lay-in this morning. Staggered in that he initially woke at 6am but when hubby bought him into bed with us he fell asleep again and didn’t wake until 7:15am. My first words were: “Thanks for the lay-in Elliott”, meant in ernest sincerity. Then a thought pinged into my mind – ‘since when was 7:15am considered a lay-in?’ #parentlife.

We breakfasted on porridge and strawberries before getting ready to go swimming to our local council-run pool. I actually can’t technically swim – something which I am hoping to address in the coming months – but that ability isn’t really required at this leisure pool full of brightly coloured plastic toys, wave machines, rapids and whatever else seemed like a good idea in the early nineties.

As a non-swimmer it took me a while to understand what I needed to wear/take and there was also that moment of worry that my swimming costume would no longer fit. Fortunately I remembered everything except moisturiser and not only did my cossie fit, I forgot that it had a secret control panel to keep my mum tum looking a little less like a makeshift floatation device.

The pool was packed and the changing rooms chaotic. Gone were the family changing rooms of my childhood, instead replaced with the most badly designed ‘locker park’ I have ever seen and some seriously dated changing rooms. Fortunately Elliott loved the pool. We knew he would. As it’s the summer holidays they’re on a break, but he usually goes swimming every Sunday to his Puddleducks class. As hubby normally goes in the water with Elliott it was nice for me to be in with him and join in some of the games and rhymes they play and sing. I even made up my own actions to the Grand Old Duke of York – swishing Elliott up in the air and then splashing him back down in the water as appropriate (hey, I never said it was original). Soon our arms ached from all the swishing and Elliott was looking tired too, so we attempted to retreat to the changing rooms which were still utter chaos.

A quick dash to Tesco before our time ran out on the car park and then back home to make lunch. Elliott fell asleep, a long, deep slumber worn out from the physicality of swimming and the sensory bombardment of thunder claps, Hawaii 5-0 theme tunes and brightly coloured plastic. We were starving but wanted to wait for Elliott to wake before we ate. I decided to commence with batch cooking whilst he slumbered away. A chicken casserole went into the oven. No signs of waking. I sorted most of my admin (told you I’m queen of admin). Still snoring away. At 2pm, with our stomachs growling we decided to wake him and lunched on hummus wraps with roasted mediterranean vegetables.

Then, play time. Elliott has been in a super-cute and very playful mood today and whilst there would have been some great footage to capture on camera, I guess I just wanted to enjoy it in real life, not through a digital screen. I also carried on with the batch cooking theme, preparing some salmon fish fingers for later in the week. The plan was to make a lamb tagine also, but we’re out of dried apricots. First world problems, eh?

Car seats were swapped between cars. More playtime was had and dinner was cooked and eaten (chicken drumstick traybake) followed by the most delicious pudding (Sticky Thai Rice Pudding with Mango). I observed hubby and Elliott playing together whilst I prepared food in the kitchen and it made my heart glow with happiness. I find now that there are certain moments that make me feel that way. Like when Elliott randomly decides to come over and give me a (sloppy) kiss and a cuddle, or tries to put my flip flops on, or attempts to put his socks on but only manages to get it on his big toe. My heart literally glows. It’s the most amazing feeling. I get it less so when he tries to eat my fluffy slippers or flings food from his highchair, but y’know – swings and roundabouts!

And, now here I am, Elliott is in bed. Hubby is washing-up after my earlier cooking extravaganza and I am trying to tick things off my never-ending to do list. I did vlog yesterday (Saturday) so I will edit that and get it uploaded ready for tomorrow. Question is, do I go for an alcoholic drink or a cup of tea? No contest. Cup of tea wins every time!


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