#MAMAHUSTLE In it to win it – Free Online Lotteries


Today has been a lazy day and a much needed lazy day at that. There’s not much to report – snuggles in bed this morning (in between being kicked in the face by Elliott), a lazy breakfast of coffee and pancakes, a nice warm shower and a stroll into town to post my latest eBay sales whilst hubby had his hair cut. We popped into the new Chemistry Cafe for lunch, which I highly recommend – delicious food and a lovely mis-matched, chilled out vibe, so much nice than the hustle and bustle of the many chain coffee shops in town. This afternoon saw more snuggles, playing and chocolate cake. Tea was a bit of a disaster due to a lack of plain flour, but we scrabbled together fish fingers, chips and peas. Elliott mostly ate peas and licked the tomato ketchup off his chips.

Anyway, with not much to report and in keeping with the money-making vibe of my last couple of posts I thought I would let you know about a couple of free online lotteries which I participate in. I’m not a big fan of gambling. I get a cheap thrill by placing a 50p bet when I go to the dogs, or win a cascade of 2p’s on one of those waterfall machines on the pier but I don’t think I could ever gamble big. I don’t even play the lottery because I think the odds are just too slim and I’m too tight to part with £1 every week on the off chance that some random numbers might make me a millionaire. However, I do like these online lotteries because all they require is a bit of information, a few clicks and no money.

Ashleigh Money Savers Draw

The first, Ashleigh Money Savers draw, gives away £50 every day to someone registered to their site. You simply register your details, log in every day to check who’s won and if your name pops up I believe you do something to claim. I’ve never won yet so I’m not sure what that is. I have a sneaky suspicion that this draw has had an impact on the amount of spam emails I’m receiving but that doesn’t massively bother me.

Free Postcode Lottery

The second is the Free Postcode Lottery, which works in a similar way to the Ashleigh draw in that you register each day and log onto the site each day to see if you’ve won. The main difference is that you’re looking out for your postcode to come up in one of the many draws (each one gives away a varying amount of money). If you spot your postcode you claim. Again, I’m not sure of the exact claim procedure because I’ve not actually won yet, although I do get a bit excited every time I see a post cade that starts DY on the site!


How do they manage to give away money for free? A few spammy emails and a whole host of advertising on their websites, but I’d rather that than part with my precious £1 coins!

In other news the Perfect Prep machine is no more. Cleaned and ready to be packed away. Elliott has just demolished 8oz of cows milk instead of his usual Aptamil. Where has my baby gone?

P.S. My links aren’t working at the moment for some reason (#techfail) so I will try to update this post in the future so you can get to those lottery sites. In the meantime I suggest good ‘ole Google.



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