Should we stay, or should we go?


There’s nothing like the thought of an impending holiday to get you thinking about your financial situation. Every year hubby and I book a week off work around the time of our wedding anniversary and generally go away during that week. Previous locations have seen us visit a luxurious spa, Edinburgh, Lanzarote and, er, a caravan park in Wales – guess which one of those was post-baby..?

This year, we’re uhmming and ahing over whether to go away or not. If we do go, where do we go? Hubby has just purchased a new car and wants to drive somewhere. I love the idea of jetting off somewhere sunny. And then there’s the big question… can we even afford to go away at all? After months of SMP I’m slowly rebuilding my finances and savings and am being super careful with my money, will splashing the cash on a getaway or staycation put a dent in my plans? Or, as we have the week off anyway, will we end up spending as much on days out in the Midlands as we would on accommodation and days out further afield? Who knows… I’ve fallen in love with a toddler-friendly cottage in Wales, but I’ve also fallen in love with the idea of seeing a comma, or two, in my savings account totals. Watch this space…


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