#MAMAHUSTLE: Bring on the eBay Frenzy!

Books for sale

Spurred on by listening to the #Girlboss audio book and the fact that my bank account is looking so lack-lusture following months of being on SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay) I’ve decided to try to boost my income (and as a result my savings) in any way possible!

First stop, eBay, where, rather than trying to sell carefully curated vintage clothing – a la Nasty Gal (see #Girlboss reference above), I am simply selling the stuff which no longer ‘sparks joy’ – a la the KonMari method (coincidently I sold that book on eBay a short while ago!).

It’s going to take me a while to get everything listed, especially as owing to a lack of space in our two-bedroom apartment I’ve taken to storing my to eBay pile(s) at my mothers. Each Friday I head over, my mom will get some playtime with Elliott whist I list 10 items before lunch. At this rate it should all be listed by around 2021!

I find eBay painfully slow and laborious, but having already made around £40 so far this year (£40.53 profit to be exact fact fans!)  by selling some absolute rubbish (an empty perfume bottle anyone..?) it’s a mummy money making channel I can’t ignore! Le sigh.

Here’s some of my current listings, should you care to take a look, or place a bid…

EBay1Paperchase stickers, Wilko page markers, giant paperclip and magnetic handbag notepad

EBay3Orla Kiely iPhone case – I still love this but no longer use it so it true KonMari style it has to go…

What do you do to boost your mummy money? Or should that ben #mummymoney?

#mummymoney made so far:
eBay: £40.53
Total: £40.53


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