working mum

Notes from my second day at work

Well, I survived – again! In fact my second day back from maternity leave went much better than my first.

The nursery drop off was equally, if not more, painful as Elliott belted out full on snotty sobs and clung to my coat collar begging me not to leave him. I, rightly or wrongly, ended up picking him up again to give him a cuddle before I eventually left him in the baby room. Does that make things better or worse for him? Who knows, but we do what we do at the time and if it’s wrong we live with it and don’t do it again – right mums? Parenting by experimentation is the only way with these individually unique little ones.

Elliott’s nursery report would suggest he settled pretty quickly after I left. He ate all of his breakfast and was even given seconds! In fact he ate pretty much all of his food throughout the day and the nursery portions are big! Of course, in true #mumguilt style I’m convinced that either a.) he will become obese or b.) I’m not feeding him enough at home and the poor nipper is starving and crying with relief when he gets to nursery as he gets a good feed – maybe that’s it – maybe he’s saying ‘mummy don’t go, take a look at this portion sizes and learn god darn you woman!’.

Work was much better too. Don’t tell anyone, especially not my boss, but I actually quite enjoy my job. Yesterday was just difficult as I didn’t have anything to get my teeth stuck into and I am the kind of person who needs to be busy constantly. Today the to do list started stacking up and I’m looking forward to going in tomorrow and cracking on with it. I also enjoy being around other adults to chat to and office banter, ah how I’ve missed office banter. I’ve got a terribly sarcastic and sometimes caustic sense of humour which can sometimes leave my husband a little shocked but seems to please (most of) my similarly humoured work colleagues.

Other things I’ve learned..

  1. Tea and coffee are so much nicer when you drink them warm.
  2. It’s really difficult to take notes whilst someone is talking to you in a meeting after taking a year out. Wandering mind 1; Concentration levels 0 (see also: proofreading).
  3. It’s completely acceptable, if not mandatory, to catch up on any scandals that you’ve missed whilst being out of the office – after all you wouldn’t want to put your foot in it would you?
  4. Life is so much easier when your desk phone works.
  5. No two people have the same telephone manner.
  6. The office environment plays havoc with your skin.
  7. When you’ve been around your little one so much the songs that will pop into your head throughout the day will tend to be children’s ones. I’ve had ‘I’m a Little Tea Pot’ and ‘Shake Your Sillies’ buzzing around in my head for most of the day.
  8. Hubby can be a great support now I’m back at work.
  9. It barely feels as though I have a child, being as I only see him for a few hours in the morning and at night – so pleased I’m only working 3 days a week.
  10. Working with a little one and, in particular, part-time takes tremendous planning. From batch cooking our meals at the weekend so we can have quick teas when I get back, through to scheduling tasks and meetings for the days I’m actually in the office and making sure things get completed in shorter timescales.
  11. I will probably end up checking my work emails on my days off, just to be sure I don’t miss anything important – sad!
  12. Nursery is going to do Elliott the world of good. Already his development seems to be leaping forward as a result of being around his contemporaries. It’s also going to make him much more independent and help him to prepare for school.

I’m so pleased it’s my last day in the office tomorrow. It’s a bit manic all this running around and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with Elliott too. So for now, with no re-read or spellcheck I will bid you farewell and get this published. I had made myself a cup of camomile tea to sup, but my pillow is calling me more. Goodnight x


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