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Tu at Sainsbury’s Haul and Try On

Oh. My. Word! I’m not normally a fan of supermarket clothes for me (love F&F for Elliott though) but have you seen the new collection from Tu at Sainsbury’s? It’s full of pattern, colour and some seriously sixties designs. I first spotted it when I popped into their Merry Hill branch and fell in love with this top. At the time I couldn’t justify splurging on clothes. But afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was just so cute, so Orla Kiely-esque and would be perfect for my back to work wardrobe.

So, armed with some holiday pay and the need to indulge in some extreme air con I headed to their Kidderminster store. You can take a look at the video below, or keep reading to find out what I purchased.

P.S. YouTube hates me and isn’t letting me change my thumbnails resulting in some slightly scary selections. I’m hoping to sort it soon but in the meantime look past the scary toothy lady and take a look!


First up, is this gorgeous jacket. I just adored the pattern – bright red background with blue, red, white and mustard flowers in differing sizes. There’s also some broderie Anglaise panelling to the front which is super pretty.


It will be a great way to dress-up  jeans and a basic tee, or could be worn to work with some simple black skinny trousers and a plain top. The sleeves are cropped and it’s a lovely lightweight, soft cotton, but alas, still a bit too heavy to wear in our current climate. Never thought I would be wishing for cooler summer weather! Once on it has got a bit of an Oriental vibe going on so I may have to be mindful not to wear it to any Thai restaurants, lest I get asked for some Pad Thai.

Red printed jacket, Tu at Sainsbury’s, £18


Next up, this beautiful mustard cardigan, featuring decorative cut outs. I just adore this colour and it’s got a certain air of 70s chic about. A bit Orla Kiely; a bit what your posh Aunty would have worn back in the day. It’s kind of cropped, but not really. However, for someone with a long torso, like me, it hits at a strange point so I unfortunately had to return it. If you have a normal length torso you will be fine – I just have a freakishly long one!

Yellow cut out cardigan, Tu at Sainsbury’s, £14


This is the top that originally caught my eye. Just look at it! It’s perfect – almost! That print! That Peter Pan collar! It’s so 60s! It’s so Orla Kiely-esque! It would look perfect with some navy Capri pants. Yes, it would, if the collar wasn’t too heavy for the body material which means the front pulls forward and you get left with a weird bit of white material sticking out. Another reluctant return.

Multicoloured Peter Pan Collar Floral Top, Tu at Sainsburys, £12


And finally this amazing dress which I almost didn’t purchase but I am so pleased I did. It’s perfect to wear when I’m back to the 9-5 (well 8:30 – 5 when I return – eek!). It’s the same amazing colour as the cardigan and with a fabulous floral design – oddly combining two of the elements of the items I sadly had to return. It’s a work appropriate length, a lovely soft material and well I love it. One point is that I have had to add a belt to it as otherwise it looks a bit ‘maternity’ on me which might freak out my boss on my first day back in the office! Ha, ha!

Yellow Floral Tunic, Tu at Sainsbury’s, £16


I did also purchase this gorgeous notebook. I already have a diary/bullet journal which I use for appointments, birthdays, to do lists, meal planning etc… And a general notebook for things like packing lists. But I wanted something I could dedicate to everything Wrinkly . I loved the pink colour and the gold embossing and, well, the wording is very apt for me.

Sainsbury’s Impressionist Text Notebook, £5 (it says A4 here but mine is A5)


I did think about apologising about the cluttered background in my photos of the clothing but then I thought, nah #mumlife innit? Ironically I did tidy up these shelves a few days later. Just so you can get a true sense of my working conditions, I thought you would appreciate this ‘behind the scenes’ candid.


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