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Elliott at Six Months

When you are pregnant there are numerous cliches that people trot out time and time again…

If you think you’re tired now; wait until the baby arrives

is one of them.

Appreciate every moment because it goes so fast

is another.

That second one is so true. I seriously cannot believe that my darling Elliott is now six months old! That it was (now over) half a year ago since he was first placed on my chest all huge eyes, long legs and curled up hands.

A lot has happened in that six months, more than can be captured in one blog post! But here’s where we’re at right now.


Height/Weight: I was going to take Elliott to clinic to be weighed on Tuesday but I woke up in such a foul mood (no idea why) that I didn’t think I was safe to leave the house lest I bite someone’s head off! The last time he was weighed was at 22-weeks and he was 15lb 13oz (or 7.22kg). I’ve no idea how tall he is, although he’s definitely getting taller by the day it’s difficult to wind him after a feed now as he’s so long!

Routine: We had a nice routine going which has kind of been thrown by the onset of weaning! His routine was:

7 – 7:30am – Wake and nappy change.

7:30am – Bottle and wind.

8am – Top and tail; get Elliott dressed for the day; trim or file his nails; brush his hair and put some cream on his face (he gets dry skin on his cheeks).

8:30am – He either watches an episode of Teletubbies whilst I grab a shower or plays with some toys.

9 – 9:30am – Elliott starts showing sleepy signs so I pick him up, give him cuddles (and often his dummy) until he falls asleep and then pop him in his cot for a short nap. This is a major breakthrough as daytime naps anywhere but on me weren’t happening for a long time!

10am – Elliott generally wakes and has a play for a bit.

10:30am – Bottle, wind and nappy change.

11 – 11:30am – Some kind of activity, we might be out and about or Elliott might have a play, or we might do some songs together. It really depends on his mood and how much other stuff I have to get done.

12 – 12:30pm – Depending on what we’re up to (on certain days we have activities at this time) Elliott might have a short nap. This used to be when I grabbed lunch, but now I’m trying to wean him we tend to ‘eat’ together where possible.

1pm – Play time.

1:30pm – Bottle, wind and nappy change.

2 – 2:30pm – Play time.

3 – 3:30pm – Hopefully another nap.

4pm – Play time.

4:30pm – Bottle, wind and nappy change.

5 – 5:30pm – Play time. Although often if Elliott hasn’t napped enough throughout the day he might have a nap around now too.

7pm – Bath time.

7:30pm – Bottle , wind and chill out before bed.

8pm – Bed time.

Timings are very loose but we tend to follow The Baby Whisperer’s concept of Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your Time. Although it often works out as Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your Time, Activity for us.

Clubs and Groups: I try to get out and about with Elliott as much as possible. At the moment we’re doing Baby Sensory classes and Rattle and Rhyme at the local library. He also goes to Puddleducks swimming lessons with his dad. I’m looking for a new group or class to join. If you’ve any suggestions let me know.

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Sleeping: At night Elliott is great. We moved him into his own room when he turned six months, which he was fine with and I was an emotional wreck about. He might wake up once or twice in the night but generally he just wants his dummy or a bit of comfort and is easy to settle back down again. We have our little wake-up song in the morning and he’s generally quite patient and waits for that even if he is awake earlier.

Day time napping is still challenging, but I can now get him into his cot for some naps which gives me some sanity and time to get on with the things I need to do. I just wish he wouldn’t fight day time sleep so much! Any tips?

Eating: We’ve just started to wean Elliott and to be honest he is less bothered about food than we expected. Both myself and his dad are total (greedy) foodies so we kind of expected the same of our son! At first Elliott would take a little bit of baby rice from a spoon and then look at me like ‘what the heck was that mum?’. Then he went through a phase of not opening his mouth at all. We did some baby led weaning with banana which went a little better and then over the past couple of days we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough where he had a couple of spoonfuls of Ella’s Kitchen Parsnips, Parsnips, Parsnips yesterday. Today I tried him with some mashed banana for breakfast and he had a couple of mouthfuls. Then I gave him some baby rice cakes whilst I ate some Snack-a-Jacks and at last the rice cakes made their way to his mouth (previously he had eyed them suspiciously)! Isn’t it funny how anything that isn’t food goes straight into their mouths, but actual food – well that’s a different story! I get the impression he wants to copy us so eating at the same time as him massively helps and he also really likes the Tommee Tippee aeroplane spoons because he can hold onto the wings and be more in control.


Sizes: He is a size 4 in nappies. Clothing varies and so he has a mix of 3-6 months, 6-9 months and even 9-12 months. He seems to follow his mummy with a long torso and shorter legs so we tend to have to go bigger for vests and smaller for trousers.


Milestones: Elliott can roll over, although only really uses that skill when there’s an interesting toy or another baby on the horizon. He can sit up, although he still needs to support himself with his hands a lot of the time. I think this is firstly because, he again takes after his mother and has a larger head, which means he needs more core strength to balance and also because he is so easily distracted (also like his mother) and tends to start looking at his feet or the play mat. I’ve purchased one of these tiger toys from Early Learning Centre to try to get him to look up in the hope that helps. He is desperately trying to crawl, but isn’t there yet – thank goodness – I don’t think there will be any stopping him once he can. Teething is also in progress – lots of rosy cheeks, dribble and tears but no sign of the toothymegs just yet!


Character: One of the nicest things is that by this stage you get an idea of their personality. Elliott already knows his own mind and if you aren’t holding him in quite the right way or giving him the right toy to play with he will let you know! But then he was strong-willed even as a baby and even the Health Visitors and doctors picked up on that.  That said, he is a very smiley and happy baby for the most part. He is also very sociable and loves people watching and looking around cafes seeing how many smiles he can attract. He always smiles back and I often think it’s wonderful that he is spreading so much happiness to complete strangers and he doesn’t even realise it yet.


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