goals · New Year

My New Years Resolutions


New year, new beginnings!

This year I resolve to…

  • Blog three times a week – I love blogging but tend to stress myself out by thinking I need to post something everyday and then panic and don’t post anything at all which is kind of counter-productive. I think three times a week will be achievable. In fact, I already have a schedule (get me).
  • Ensure myself and the family eat healthily – starting to wean Elliott has brought home how much crap I actually eat. I realise it’s important to lead by example so it’s time to get us all eating the good stuff.
  • Have a darn good clear out – we live in a two bedroom apartment, it’s not exactly tiny, in fact, it’s bigger than the two bed house we used to live in but with a 6-month old now ruling the roost the walls are starting to close in on us!
  • Make £250 per year outside of my day job – think Quidco, survey sites, eBay and car boot sales.
  • Make time for doing things for me – easier said than done but needed lest I implode in a sea of mummydom!

What are your resolutions this year?


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