Glittery Nails – Every Mum’s Best Friend

Glittery Nails

Part of my yummy mummy plan was to paint and shape my nails on a weekly basis. Erm, yeh, that’s not been going particularly well… until now!

Y’see I could shape the nails, but finding the time to paint them was an issue and then, once they were painted, within a matter of nano-seconds they would be chipped again.

Trust Christmas to provide the answer by way of glittery nail polish! OK so I probably look about ten-years-old with my sparkly finger nails and toe nails, but rather ten-years-old and well groomed than 35 and a big fat mess!

Rimmel Disco Ball

Not only does glitter look festive and sparkly it also…

  • Acts as a mini sensory distraction for Elliott
  • Is more hard-wearing then normal nail polish so doesn’t chip so easily
  • If it does chip, you can just paint some more on without worrying about it looking weird
  • Is more forgiving – wear as many, or as few layers as you want depending on how much time you have

So there you have it. Glitter nail polish my dear mum’s is the future, well until the first week of January anyway…

It’s Rimmel Lasting Finish polish in 500 Disco Ball in case you’re interested.


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