A Whole Lotta Lurg

It’s been sickness central here at Heathcock towers over the past week unfortunately.

Elliott started coming down with a cough last Wednesday which got progressively worse until he was blowing snot bubbles with the best of them.

We soldiered on, although decided to skip Rhythm and Rhyme at the library last Friday so he could rest up in the snuggly warm.

He was doing OK, until…

Puke fest = Disney day!

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Saturday morning. The usual routine – up at 7am, nappy change, bottle, projectile vomit… Oh hold on! That last one is a new one and resulted in me scrubbing away at the carpet and, literally, handling sleepy Elliott with kid gloves for the rest of the day. We watched Disney movies mostly. Well, I did, whilst Elliott lay on me and drifted in and out of sleep.

Sunday was much the same. Although this time I pre-empted the sickness so at least managed to run to the safety of a lino floor to aid with the clean up operation. Swimming was skipped in favour of napping.

To add insult to injury Elliott has kindly shared his germs with me, which means that although I’m thankfully not chucking up my food, I am full of snot. Woe!

Little One seems to be on the mend now and I’m living on Beechams powders and cold and flu tablets as us mums don’t have time to be ill, do we?

Elliott kept the majority of hisΒ milk in his tummy yesterday and was much more interested in his feeds and its been much the same story today, although he still needs to shake his cough, poor thing.

So, yes, the last few days have been spent in a vomit covered, Dr Google consulting, nose blowing fug. Let’s hope we’re all well for Christmas!

Have you been struck by the lurg?



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