From Super Slummy to Yummy Mummy – The Plan


Enough is enough! So said a classic disco song and alas so did I. Bored of wearing misshapen leggings and tents I set about coming up with an action plan to transform me from slummy to yummy.

Of course, me being me, that masterplan is a list. Who doesn’t love a good list?

And, this, is what it says…

  1. Hair cut
  2. Take make-up off daily
  3. Face pack weekly
  4. Paint and shape nails weekly
  5. Moisturise daily
  6. Deep condition hair weekly
  7. Shave every other day
  8. Body scrub twice per week
  9. Floss
  10. Mouthwash
  11. Whitening toothpaste (probably should visit the dentist too – eek!)
  12. Gradual tan
  13. New make-up look
  14. Clothing audit
  15. Buy new clothes
  16. New glasses
  17. Exercise daily – even if just a walk
  18. Wax the bits that shaving doesn’t reach!
  19. Get eyebrows threaded
  20. Treat myself to a massage
  21. Dye hair

Some of this stuff probably seems obvious to those without a newborn – automatic, trivial and boring. But believe me when you have a newborn just remembering to go to the loo sometimes is a challenge! And then actually getting there, well… In fact, at the moment this list seems downright unachievable!

As soon as I had written the list I wanted to get cracking (patience has never been my strong point) but before I did I stopped to think. Maybe there was something else I should address before I looked at all this..?



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